Sunday, August 26, 2007

BushCo Muzzles Dissenters

I don't think I'll bother to try to improve on this NYT Editorial where they take a dim view of the Executive Branch's attempts to stifle protest. I will note to the President that there is a difference between a gun and a T shirt and assasination and character assisination, though you may have rendered the last moot, yourself.


dartagnan said...

Commander Blinky Bunnypants has a very fragile ego and it is very easily bruised; thus it is necessary to keep him packed in cracked ice and cocoa butter to avoid any exposure to unpleasant realities, such as that three-quarters of the people in this country hate his guts.

Historians will scratch their heads for centuries trying to figure out how and why the United States of America elected such a worthless turd.

Chuck Butcher said...

How elected? Last time - fear.

I don't think we're talking fragile ego on his part, I think we're talking fragile public image.