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Race, Immigration, and Illegal Immigration-Updated

I just finished reading a NYT article Our Town about Carpentersville and Illinois town whose demographics have undergone a significant change in An estimated 40 percent of its 37,000 residents are Hispanic, a jump from 17 percent in 1990. recent years, "an estimated 40 percent of its 37,000 residents are Hispanic, a jump from 17 percent in 1990." The result has been a backlash with proposed ordinances mirroring Hazelton's. Estimates vary, a priest estimates that 50% of his Hispanic parishioners are here illegally.

The tone of the article is somewhat disapproving of the ordinances and the fallout, tensions between residents have risen and village council meetings are testy. A local businessman, Tom Roeser, president and owner of Otto Engineering thinks the council people driving the ordinances are essentially racists and troublemakers. He states that he is careful about legal hiring and only allows English in the factory, with the goals of assimilation and productivity, but there is an issue, wages on the assembly line range from $7.95 to $10 with some benefits for long term employees. Carpentersville is 40 miles from Chicago which would make those wages rather pathetic, with revenues of $77 million last year from supplying switches to NASA, the USAF and others those wages seem low. The accusation about town is that while he may hire legally his interest in keeping wages low drives his opposition.

The gulf between the more affluent and the low income in town is growing, driven by language, culture, housing conditions and a perception of advantage for those who are illegal. Racism is one of the louder accusations and evidently some opposition to the illegals is race driven or most favorably xenophobic. Legal Hispanics feel discriminated against, in some cases rightfully.

So, this is the straits we're being driven into. Perfectly legal contributors to our society are lumped with law breakers, law breakers are held up as examples of contribution and victimization of racists, wages are depressed and cultural assimilation is brought to a screeching halt by suspicion and fear. Racism is justified by criminal behavior and opposition to criminal benefit of illegal behavior is labeled racism. It goes around and around. It is the natural outcome of the condoning of illegal immigration by the federal government until the numbers become so large that social dislocations begin. It is now beginning to tear communities apart.

As the BushCo ramps up fear of "the other" with its phony war on terror, skin color becomes increasingly relevant in people's lives, this approval of (denied) racism by BushCo becomes a larger approval, brown is bad. The presence of so many "brown" law breaking illegal immigrants fuels the reaction. All this race nonsense obscures the very real consequences of creating a serf culture. Places like Carpentersville demonstrate the beginnings of what may become a tide of behavior.

There is no easy feel good solution to this problem, that is the very first recognition that needs to be made. No matter what approach is taken someone is going to get to suffer for it. It is not a case of some minor sacrifices, any solution is going to result in very real pain. Get over the idea that it won't, there is absolutely no scenario in which that happens. If you brace up to the idea, you can begin to think about realistic solutions.

First of all it is not economically feasible or legally desirable to begin a round-up and deportation of all illegal immigrants, the creation of the required police state apparatus would make this into a country we couldn't recognize - except maybe as a BushCo wet dream. Outright amnesty (a la Ronnie Reagan) would blow social services to pieces and crush wages completely and encourage a further influx, or rather, flood. It would once again leave agriculture as the beginning phase of further illegal hiring.

The "path to citizenship" that ran into so much opposition is a form of amnesty (don't start BS), but if set into motion with some rather stringent requirements and enforcements might have some results; there have been illegals here for an extended period who have paid taxes and maintained an otherwise legal life and an absolute denial of such is both unfair and unrealistic. That bar must be set rather high in order to pass muster with the citizenry and to act as a bar to further incursions. Giving employers a real system of verification and then enforcing very real and painful sanctions for violation is a beginning. The denial of any and all social services beyond actual life threatening ones and the reporting of all such false applications and illegal usages will remove some draw. Placing all law enforcement officers into an enforcement of the applicable federal law will begin to make a dent. Rigorous enforcement of the laws regarding false documentation with stringent penalties will discourage the manufacture of such documentation and its usage. A child born in the US is a citizen and that must not be interfered with, that fact however also must not be linked to deportation of illegal parents, the outcome of such behavior is entirely their own responsibility and decision to make. Any US citizen has a right to be in or enter or re-enter this country regardless of the status of parents. While such a policy may have difficult outcomes it is the only method of ensuring that citizenship cannot be interfered with.

It is of the utmost importance that the US get control of entry and residence. It is entirely unlikely that any fence, however tall and long will dissuade illegal entry if the draw is still there. If the lifestyle and benefits of US residency remain open to anyone who can get here we will soon devolve into just another third world nation. At least one foreign policy issue should be the raising of the lifestyle standards of the third world nations near our borders rather than taking advantage of their status as third world countries. Trade agreements that do not recognize the general well-being of US citizenry and the citizenry of the trading partners are not workable in the long run. Under BushCo and previous administrations the US government has turned into a tool of plutocracies in this country and our trading partners, this must stop. The generation of the wealth of this nation is not synonymous with the generation of the wealth of the wealthy and powerfully connected.

As the Hazeltons and Carpentersvilles spread across this nation we risk very real social dislocations that bode ill for the kind of government envisioned in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Civil Rights. This essay is not considered by myself to be a finished document or a source of all solutions, it is only a beginning point for discussion and rational planning.


Please include on your blog as a rebuttal

You mistakenly make a judgment regarding the wage level at OTTO and the effect that a large Hispanic population has regarding wages in the area. Carpentersville is a large community of 37,000 close to many companies such as Motorola, Sears, and a plethora of smaller manufacturing and service companies. OTTO’s ability to hire people ( and we have increased our employment by 44 people so far this year) is only possible if we pay competitive wages. With unemployment at 4.6% it would be unfeasible if not impossible to find employees if wages were not competitive. Our AVERAGE pay for an employee in our assembly area is over $10.35. Our benefit plans include a health care package with a $300 deductible and 90% co-payment. Employees pay 16% of the premium, far below the national average. Allegations that OTTO hires illegal aliens is more mean-spirited that factual.

Tom Roeser
2 E Main Street
Carpentersville, IL 60110

Mr Roeser needs to learn to read completely what is written and not what he assumes. There is not a single statement in my article linking OTTO to illegal hiring although apparently a case of "borrowed" documents resulted in an illegal hire - rather difficult to blame OTTO for and not even mentioned in my article, but since he references it, I am forced to include it now. I did not mention it previously because I considered it immaterial and accidental.

Their benefit package he mentioned is an excellent one, but the wages are still pathetic being less than $5/hour in 1984 dollars. His assertion that flooding a labor market does not depress wages is counter to economic theory and practically demonstrated fact. I stand by my article.

I will always include such "rebuttals" and I do not delete comments unless they are stupidly rude. (or commercial spam) I couldn't do this without making sure I play fair and play straight.


Winghunter said...

"...It is now beginning to tear communities apart."

This has been going on for some time and it is because they have no intention of assimilating. If you doubt this look at what occured during their protests for nonexistant entitlements and chants of "reconquista" in a sea of Mexican flags with our flag being flown upside down and below theirs, just to mention a few incidents of the outrageous behavior of those you wish to grant "amnesty";
Numbers USA

The Heritage Foundation
"No matter what approach is taken someone is going to get to suffer for it."

Crime doesn't pay.
"First of all it is not economically feasible or legally desirable to begin a round-up and deportation of all illegal immigrants, the creation of the required police state apparatus would make this into a country we couldn't recognize - except maybe as a BushCo wet dream."

What mindless twattle! Presidents Hoover and Eisenhower did it without any trouble whatsoever...where the hell are you coming up with this nonsense!? AND Bush WANTS shamnesty and has pushed it with every possible ounce of influence he has TWICE now.
I MUST be misunderstanding you because the way I'm interpreting what you're saying goes against all that we've just been through and what we know from our recent past. Check Wikipedia on the Hoover and Eisenhower deportations and understand that what we are paying out every single year ( appx. $340 Billion )in unwilling support of these illegal aliens wherein it is a lot more than what it will cost us to get them home. ( Numbers USA & The Heritage Foundation )

"...there have been illegals here for an extended period who have paid taxes and maintained an otherwise legal life and an absolute denial of such is both unfair and unrealistic."

So flippin' what!? Had they waited in line like the rest of the worlds immigrants, whom have waited for several years, they wouldn't have to worry about being deported now.
If you think line-jumping isn't a very serious issue go out and jump into a long line that people have been waiting just a few hours and see what they say and do to you....Heck, jump in front of me if I've been waiting in line for 5 stinking minutes and I'll rip you back out so fast you won't know whether you were coming or going.

THIS is what loyal Americans believe;

"...A child born in the US is a citizen and that must not be interfered with,..."

Ludicrous! The authors of that legislation never meant it to be abused in this way, therefore, their children will not be separated from their parents as they are all repatriated with their home country...we are not their babysitters!

"It is entirely unlikely that any fence, however tall and long will dissuade illegal entry if the draw is still there."

No, however, it is the first step that must be taken where fines for unscrupulous employers is placed in effect quickly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

As the BushCo ramps up fear of "the other" with its phony war on terror, SAID CHUCK


Or is it your "thinking" if we just cut out, they will go away???

UPDATE: The two Middle eastern men stopped with bomb materials in their vehicle - and a possible bomb "ready for use" have been identified as Yousef MEGAHED, 21, and Ahmed MOHAMED, 24. According to information reported to the media, they are not United States citizens. Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network in Florida are conducting background investigations on both subjects, who appear to be registered as students at a Florida college. Additional information will be published as developed.

5 August 2007: At approximately 6 p.m. last evening, the Berkeley County, South Carolina Sheriff's Department arrested two men in the Goose Creek area north of Charleston, following the stop of their 4-door sedan on Highway 176. By 7 p.m., Highway 176 was shut down and remained so for at least 9 hours. The circumstances surrounding the pull over of this Florida-tagged sedan involves the concerns raised among Berkeley deputies regarding another stop in a different jurisdiction, and that the vehicle was speeding through Goose Creek.

The deputies discovered what they believed to be explosives rigged as a bomb within the trunk of the vehicle. One or both of the men arrested appeared to eyewitnesses to be of Middle Eastern descent. At 3:45 this morning, a Charleston County Sheriff's EOD squad destroyed the explosives in a controlled detonation. The FBI has made public comment that there was "no immediate threat" in this incident. The two men have reportedly been charged with "possession of unlawful explosives."

Goose Creek is home to the Naval Weapons Station Charleston, which has the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig as a base tenant. Captured 'enemy combatants' have been held in this facility. NWS Charleston is also home to the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Training Commmand and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR).

Veteran reporter ambushed, murdered while investigating Muslim Bakery

3 August 2007: It was a premeditated style hit on a veteran Oakland, California journalist and newspaper editor who was shot to death at about 7:25 Thursday morning. The victim, Chauncey Bailey, 57, editor of the Oakland Post was investigating the controversial Your Black Muslim Bakery when a masked gunman dressed in black approached him on foot and fired at least three rounds, hitting Bailey at least once in the upper body, according to police. The shooting took place near the U.S.

U.S. bridges are terrorist target

1993: Authorities foiled a plot by the followers of blind Muslim cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman to bomb New York City landmarks, including the George Washington Bridge.

2002: Officials issued a public warning and doubled security on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge after it appeared on an al-Qaeda videotape seized in Spain.

2003: al-Qaeda considered, but cancelled an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge with the coded message "the weather is too hot." Iyman Faris (aka Mohammed RAUF), a Pakistan-born American citizen, is serving 20 years in prison for his role in terror operations.

2004: A man described in a federal indictment as a "high-ranking" HAMAS operative was arrested in Maryland on 20 August 2004 for videotaping the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for alleged surveillance purposes. The man, Ismael Selim ELBARASSE of Annandale, Va., reportedly has financial ties to the HAMAS. He was picked up as a "material witness" in a Chicago terrorism case, and was described as a "co-conspirator" in a 15-year racketeering conspiracy in the United States and abroad to illegally finance terrorist activities against Israel.

2006: Maruan Awad MUHAREB and Louai Abdelhamied OTHMAN, both of Mesquite Texas, and Louai's brother Adham Abdelhamid OTHMAN of Dallas were detained after buying 80 cell phones at a Wal-Mart store in Caro, Michigan, north of Detroit. They were also identified as having performed surveillance of a vulnerable target for terrorist purposes, a target identified as the Mackinac Bridge.


Just when I thought you were worth saving/......NOT!

Anonymous said...

and one more thing CHUCK:



Steve Culley said...

I've been saying for awhile that the real fight is between globalists and Americans. This wide open border stuff is globalism and it is killing my country, slogans such as "celebrate diversity" and "we are a nation of immigrants" are nothing more than distraction tools to keep the staus quo of open invasion going.
A couple of points about birth right. It has to end, either through the courts or constituional amendment.
On the fence. Build it and back it up. Sure if you just string some wire someone will cut a hole in it but if there is armed force there they will not. A serious effort to control the borders will result in the word going out that it isn't worth it.
You know my sentiments. I'm no racist. I will deport anyone who is illeagle. I'll say it again. Unrestricted population growth, driven by immigration is killing my country.
Yes, there is a creeping police state that comes along with trying to sort the illegals out. The crime is that congress passes laws with no sunset. We could get tough for a few years and then redebate the laws. But all this crap about having biometeric cards and all that is pure horse manure. Everyone in this country has a social security number which is widely used for everything from getting loans to buying television service. It either matches or it doesn't. No number should be a red flag for ICE to take a look at you.
Immigration will be the number one issue next election along with Iraq. The days when 95per cent of the population not paying attention are almost over. Issues like these can result in a civil war.

Anonymous said...

Immigration will be the number one issue next election along with Iraq. The days when 95per cent of the population not paying attention are almost over. Issues like these can result in a civil war

This "progressive" has had it!!!!

Chuck, you better stop with the mantra of the left...even your bud's think divesity stinks.

Chuck Butcher said...

You've missed the point, I didn't endorse BushCo's amnesty, but there is something reasonable to do in respect to people who've been here a decade or more, been law-abinding and paid taxes. Those people have paid some dues, what they've done isn't right but it isn't quite completely wrong, either.

Secondly, read don't emote, birthright doesn't equal anything other than citizenship and that can't be interfered with, you place a power in the fed's hands that cannot be there. You cannot let the Fed make that decision without risking your own children. I mentioned no anchor, in fact specified against it. If you think forcing parents to decide to take a child with them or leave it is some soft-hearted mushy stance, maybe I don't want to know what you think is tough.

Phoney war on terror, there may be an actual way to war against terrorists but that is not what GWB is up to. Despite what GWB says Iraq is not now and never was about terrorists, see our own intelligence agencies' assesments. Small tightly focused units are what's called for, not 180,000 troops in Iraq - not if US threat terrorists are your agenda.

There is no fence that will do the job nor can we afford to guard such a thing. More and better control is one thing, but in the end run the stopping point is removing the drawing points - employment, social services, etc.

You cannot stop a determined and financed terrorist with a fence, if that's your agenda, rethink it. If it were you trying it, what would you do to get around such a thing? (don't publish that) In a couple minutes I've thought of several methods.

You all need to settle and re-read the whole thing not isolated words. BTW what Hoover and Eisenhower dealt with isn't 12-20 million people and I'll state again, the police state apparatus required would destroy this country. Creating an inducement to leave by cutting out the inducments to stay is far more likely to succeed.

The ones of you who come around here know better than to think I do Bush-lite, I can't tell squat from "anonymous" use the "other" button and a handle so I have some idea. (5.0 you know how) I play fair and I play square, you know better, next time read the darn things - completely.

As for La Raza give me a break, they're right up next to a criminal organization and not one thing I advocated would get me better than them throwing rotten vegetables at me (at best). The open border crowd wouldn't like this piece at all, either.

I'll leave this junk up as a lesson in reading what's written, knock it off.

Anonymous said...

. A child born in the US is a citizen and that must not be interfered with, that fact however also must not be linked to deportation of illegal parents, the outcome of such behavior is entirely their own responsibility and decision to make.

GGGGGGEEEEZ Chuck: Anchor babies are killing us.

Cut them off from "services" then they go home.

Maybe you do belong in Salem.

Anonymous said...

law-abinding and paid taxes.\

Ahh come on,WHERE IS THE LEGAL SSN coming from?

Broke in here, they came into our house as sure as they crashed your backdoor.

They seem to be a bit high numbered in crimes of late. LAW ABIDING...MY AMPLE REAR.

You better leave it up, or as I said, you can't "REP" us all.

Anonymous said...

The days when 95per cent of the population not paying attention are almost over. Issues like these can result in a civil war.

Your buddy Steve should run, he is 10000 percent correct, get with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey WINGHUNTER...Keep on him.

I'm for Fred too.

Chuck Butcher said...

anon 8:31

I didn't say anchor, you did. If you can't read don't blame me for getting your back up. You seem to take what YOU want from what I wrote not what I wrote. I stated that it was the parent's problem not the US.

anon 8:37

You bring up crimes, I said otherwise law-abiding; you're picking a fight with somebody else. Go bother them or learn to read.

Back your horse down guys, you're picking a fight with somebody mostly on your side, but don't mistake my problem with flooded labor markets with racism or hate, I get torqed by open borders people but I don't dislike people whose crime involves trying to work and improve their lot and their family's. I save my anger for the liars and cheats who hire illegally, the ones who've promoted this mess not the people they take advantage of.

Was I angry Bush and Kennedy, etc pushed the mess they pushed? Absolutely. Does something need to be done? Absolutely. Does it need to be done right? Absolutely. will it be easy or will everybody get what is best? Not a chance. It's way too late now, we have an absolute mess, illegals are going to get hurt badly and some things that aren't quite right are going to have to happen in order to sort it out with ANY sort of justice. I've used the word decade in regard to some sort of deal, what do any of you think a decade is? How much of a payment does anybody have to make? A lot of us have made errors in our lives, how long should anyone pay?

Steve Culley said...

Reading The Oregonian today about an immigration crack down makes me see the value of political involvement. Linday Graham, Linsay Gramnesty he is now called, has gotten immigration religion. He and John McCain, who used to be a presidential contender have signed on to enforcement.
One thing needs to be made abundantly clear. Americans who were poorly informed by the media and sorely represented while this silent invasion went on for the several decades are not to blame for the suffering of those who came in illegally. Enforcement will result in deportation through attrition and there should be attrition of politicians at the ballot box. I've printed several letters calling for a bipartisan defeat of Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith.
Now I have a problem. Gordon Smith is starting to get religion on immigration and I'm supposed to find a replacement among democrats who went right along with GWB's comprehensive amnesty.
All of the major democratic candidates are naturally anti gun, pro open borders, amnesty people.
Of course if you don't like those positions in a democrat you can always vote for anti gun, open borders, pro amnesty Rudy G.
I'm independent for the rest of my life. Fool me once , twice, a dozen times but no more top tier candidates. At a few days short of 60 I'm tired of being bullshitted.

Chuck Butcher said...

Calling Bill Richardson anti-gun is a real stretch, he may not be completely right but then who exactly is?

Steve culley said...

Richardson might be due an apology on guns. He flips on the border. Don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

5. SELF-DEFENSE of the community must rely on the combined strength of the people. The front line defense will come from the barrios, the campos, the pueblos, and the ranchitos. Their involvement as protectors of their people will be given respect and dignity. They in turn offer their responsibility and their lives for their people. Those who place themselves in the front ranks for their people do so out of love and carnalismo. Those institutions which are fattened by our brothers to provide employment and political pork barrels for the gringo will do so only as acts of liberation and for La Causa. For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts.

"LOVE THIS PART"... POLITICAL LIBERATION can only come through indepen-dent action on our part, since the two-party system is the same animal with two heads that feed from the same trough. Where we are a majority, we will control; where we are a minority, we will represent a pressure group; nationally, we will represent one party: La Familia de La Raza!

Action: Is the elected here an other places so stupid that when they allow control of just one area, they lose control for good!

For intent and purpose...Las Angeles Ca. "IS LOST!" Is Tom Potter so stupid to think when he panders....he plays right into the "THE PLAN!"

Chuck: Where do you think these two items come from?


Chuck Butcher said...

Anon 6:47

I have said nothing good about La Raza, if you can't learn to read, post somewhere else. If you want to pick at what I write, that's just fine, don't bother to make things up. I can do arguments and disagreements, but this is it for making things up. You pick your bones with La Raza somewhere else, they've no use for me and I none for them, as stated previously. This stupid junk will be deleted in the future.

Chuck Butcher said...

Same stupid La Raza riff, deleted. give yourself some kind of name and get off the crap or you'll just get ashcanned and lose your moment of "fame" with this miniscule readership.