Friday, August 03, 2007

Cowpoke - Cowboy Action Dress

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I know I said I wasn't interested in playing dress up, well, it is a part of the game and so I went far enough with it to satisfy most requirements. Though it insulted me no end, I bought a pair of cowboy boots, my logging boots are disqualified by having traction soles. I have never liked cowboy boots, my feet are wide and my toes completely unacquainted with pointy toed shoes. I've been putting a bunch of boot oil on them and achieved minor relief. The drawers are Carharts I wear for work, the shirt and tie are new western stuff, the vest is Salvation Army suede and the hat is "cheap" Stetson felt. Overall about $140 invested in dress-up cowboy gear.

I can't keep a straight face in that get up. No, I'm not in the least interested in buying a horse or a steer.
Look out Republicans, there's a new sheriff in town.


Coyote said...

Not too bad. Take the tie and hat off, and you wouldn't be too out of place just about anywhere.

Cowboy boots are the worst. My feet are wider than they are long---there's no way I'd be able to find cowboy boots that fit. I can't even find regular boots that fit.

What make is the coach gun? I like side-by-sides, but have only owned pumps myself.

Steve Culley said...

Right down scarey Chuck. Think I'll send a copy to Hillary.
You shootin black powder in the shotguns?

Chuck Butcher said...

There are styles that'll work, the hightop moccasins do. The side by side is a Remington, their russian built model with all the high-end stuff. Top end walnut and screw in chokes. 12ga hammered (actual hammers, not cocking mechanisms), quite light, with full deck game loads it actually hurts, light target loads are OK.

I don't shoot any black powder, there was a perfectly good reason for smokeless and I don't want to keep the stuff around. The .45 is 250gr OR Trail Bullet Co - Laser Cast, loaded 13gr Accurate 5744 for a muzzle velocity of 680fps. I loaded 250 rds this week. See, I did more than just go clothes shopping. I hate shopping for anything other than tools and guns and I that because it's so damn expensive.

Steve Culley said...

Loading up a box of shotgun shells or tying some dry flies can be real relaxing. There's no way the urban left could ever understand that. Makes a gun totin democrat kind of a black sheep.

Chuck Butcher said...

the .45s are darn expensive $26/50 so I save more than pocket change, on shotgun the difference is miniscule, the only advantage is loading nice soft shells.

Anonymous said...

ahh COWBOY ACTION,old kids, playing cowboys N INDIANS...pretty silly!

Chuck Butcher said...

If you think you can do it, take a shot, then call it silly. Lots of hobbies are silly, drag racing is ridiculous use of an auto, but I like it, fishing is a waste of money, store bought are cheaper, but I prefer it, what's your brainiac hobby?