Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gay Rights: Where the Right Is Wrong

Patrick Edaburn on Central Sanity has a post of this title that makes a great deal of sense. I will only excerpt a very small portion to whet your interest:

"Earlier today I was driving home from a work and happened to tune into one of our local talk show hosts, a hard right kind of guy.

(I won't mention names but those in Northern California may have an idea of who it was)

The theme of his commentary today was how awful gays are and how gay rights are horrible, etc. The usual talking points.

Listening to it prompted me to write this commentary of my own. I have many good friends who side with this host on the gay rights issue and have often been part of discussions on the topic.

I have often tried to convince them of why they are wrong on this issue, and will offer my views as follows."

So go on over there for a good analysis.


Scott McLean said...
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Scott McLean said...

Hi Chuck,

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Chuck Butcher said...

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