Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fred Thompson - Lobbyist

"Don't confuse the lawyer with the client," Thompson told AP . Lobbyists are not lawyers, a lawyer may be (in his case "was") a lobbyist. There is a significant difference and confusion over it leads to stupidity. A lawyer represents a person in a legal conflict with the government or in a conflict between parties before the government in this sort of analogy, a lobbyist attempts to have the government institute policy for the benefit of a group or individual, that is not the same thing. Fred evidently doesn't see the difference between guiding someone in a legal process and attempting to create the process and here's where it makes a difference, in Fred's view influencing the creation is simply a matter of money.

Somehow Fred expects voters to ignore that. You are supposed to forget that when it comes to policy Fred's representation is for sale. I don't actually expect lobbyists to be an honorable bunch, only representing the good of the nation, I just don't expect to have one for President. The tell-tale in this is that Fred Thompson can't tell the difference, he's so sold out and greed oriented that it just misses him.

I'm quite sure we have an over-abundance of lawyers in Congress, but I don't have a real problem with their profession. The courts and law are way too complicated for ordinary individuals to represent themselves in something they have a huge stake, the creation of law is something we all have a huge stake in and lobbyists seldom attempt to represent us all. In fact, the very constituency Fred attempts to appeal to takes a very dim view of the pro-choice group he represented (his campaign originally denied doing, now glosses) and most of us take a dim view of Aristide and his "necklacing."

To get a handle on the level of personal corruption involved in his point of view you only have to think about this, "Thompson said his work on behalf of Aristide was limited to a single phone call. 'I never met with the client. I never met anybody on behalf of Haiti or received any compensation for it.' " Is this something like 'a little pregnant' or 'kind of dead'? Aristide was the kind of guy who said, "The burning tire, what a beautiful tool! ... It smells good. And wherever you go, you want to smell it." Gee, I only made one phone call to White House Chief of Staff John Sununu on this guy's behalf.

This piece of work is tied for second in Republican polls...

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KISS said...

And like father there is the SOB/son Daniel:
July 23, 2007 -- WHAT did Fred Thompson's son, Daniel, do to earn the more than $170,000 that his firm, Daniel Thompson Associates, was paid from his father's federal political action committee, the Fred D. Thompson PAC?
Do we see a trend with the repugs, here? Share the theft with thy sons. Great religious training, much like Bush senior and the little thieve/ Bushes. And just what did you do in the war, Daddy Thompson? Did Daniel sign up for Iraq? All of these guys come from the forces of dark and evil.