Sunday, August 05, 2007

Anybody Have Live Memory Cells?

Awhile ago the NYT reported - actually it was 9/28/04 - something rather astonishing, somebody who knows something told GeorgeII what was what:

"The same intelligence unit that produced a gloomy report in July about the prospect of growing instability in Iraq warned the Bush administration about the potential costly consequences of an American-led invasion two months before the war began, government officials said Monday."

"Last week, Mr. Bush dismissed the latest intelligence reports, saying its authors were "just guessing'' about the future, though he corrected himself later, calling it an "estimate.'' "

They were just guessing? How about:

"significant chance that domestic groups would engage in violent internal conflict with one another unless an occupying force prevented them from doing so."


"rogue elements from Saddam Hussein's government could work with existing terrorist groups or act independently to wage guerrilla warfare," and that, "war would increase sympathy across the Islamic world for some terrorist objectives."

This from "January 2003 by the National Intelligence Council, an independent group that advises the director of central intelligence."

Condi Rice, pianist, "the national security adviser, have contended that some of the early predictions provided to the White House by outside experts of what could go wrong in Iraq, including secular strife, have not come to pass."

So now she's Sec State and what about coming to pass? These are the people running the show. Does anybody get it? I mean other than my loyal and well informed readers...

(of the above words, 59 are mine, the rest NYT)

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KISS said...

there is only one possible expanation: there is an Al-Quaeda mole in our government, and indications it is either G W Bush or it is Dick Cheney, maybe both. I think treason, while at war, calls for the military firing squad. After a brief, very brief military trial.