Sunday, August 05, 2007

Now the House...

You have to be kidding me, the US Congress is going to let George freakingW Bush, Albie, and DNI McConnell decide whether BushCo is spying on Americans? Now I've got Waldenbush (R-OR2) for a Rep so that's a moot point of just how bootlicking it gets, but supposedly there are a batch of elected Democrats in the House. Supposedly.

So George II threw a tantrum and threatened to veto what he didn't like and they folded like an old deck chair? What happened to passing good bills and standing by them instead of temporary pieces of junk that get a life of their own? Patriot Act? rush rush screw it up rather than look soft

I understand veto proof and non-veto proof majorities and an inability to things accomplished but this is something entirely different. Bush would have taken what he could get rather than have nothing. Polite words fail me.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are beginning to see why some of us may vote for Dems but refuse to join the party.

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Kevin @ PK

Chuck Butcher said...

Kevin, obviously I'm unhappy, but these people went through a primary and were selected by their Party. Fewer players equals less input and less effect in voting.

To me the Primary is the "BIG" election, choosing who will represent me is key, the chances that the Republicans will are vanishingly small. I'd say you're in the same situation.

I've had my tiffs with DPO, won some, lost some, but my voice is heard.

KISS said...

I see no difference. All of Executive 51 will be kept in repeals. Remember how Reagan cooked the books by disallowing housing and other inflation causing items and unemployment being off the books when benefits stopped. This made employment look better. Clinton kept the same crooked Shem.

Anonymous said...

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two heads and a snake...NOT GOOD!