Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Greg Walden Speaks, No Really He Did

Greg Walden (R - 02 OR) has done the unthinkable, he's said something in national media. What Greg is up to is an investigation of the CDC and its propensity for losing equipment. They have lost a lot of stuff worth a lot of money, but Greg actually saying something is odd. Greg keeps quiet and votes the BushCo or Republican line unless he has permission to do some meaningless vote, ie. the vote will be defeated but gives political cover in Oregon.

I can't read his mind, but unusual behavior could signal a case of nerves. He's been a loyal BushCo acolyte on war, taxes, environment - well you name it - so he doesn't have a real workable record with folks dissatisfied with BushCo, and 08 is approaching. Greg's approach to economics seems completely adverse to the conditions in his district, 02 CD OR

Because I've run in a Democratic Primary to oppose Walden-bush and I live here in his CD I've paid attention to his stuff. When the opportunity to stand on levies with Klamath Basin farmers in front of cameras came, he was there. But he was nowhere to be found on the issue of finding a responsible and useful solution. Nope, the largest fish kill was the direction he went, there were other ways to do it, but Cheney, Smith, and the rest of BushCo saw political opportunity.

He needs to go.

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Steve Culley said...

Greg Walden is the consumate politician. He came to Baker today and talked with the county court and was gone. I've called for Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith to be replaced but one thing I will say about them, Wyden in particular, they will meet with the public. It's hard to figure where you stand on Walden, he is only visible in puff pieces in the local papers.