Saturday, August 25, 2007

Low Power FM

Some of you are fortunate enough to live in a radio market with some form of independence, stations that are locally controlled. Most of the low population large area communities do not have that luxury, they are stuck with what some media conglomerate decides is programming. This is increasingly true in medium size markets and even large market communities.

There are significant costs involved in broadcasting and a limited number of licenses available. Some of the FCC limits on licenses involve rather fantastic interference regulations, resulting in protection of market rather than signal. Recent history has shown that despite some ludicrous stances on obscenity the FCC is truly large media's friend, or perhaps more accurately - tool.

Low power FM is a community friendly solution, while not cheap, the transmitter equipment is not out of the reach of smaller organizations and with its limited signal reach is not attractive to media conglomerates. There is a bill in the House, House Bill 2802 -- the Local Community Radio Act of 2007 -- which would expand low power FM. You can learn more about low power FM at Prometheus Radio and learn how to help. If you think your community organization or non-profit could operate a full power station, there is a limited window in mid-October to apply and Get Radio has important information.

Americans have got to do something to take back the airwaves from the giants with no concern for or interest in local programming and social benefits. Particularly the political agenda of giants like Clear Channel need to be balanced with the voices of others.

I don't often get the opportunity to promote and advocate and live up to the Blog title of "Chuck for..." so I'm happy to do so here. I don't care what music you like or what your political leanings are, we all benefit from wider perspectives and wider analysis. Don't expect a lot of opportunities like this to come along.

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