Friday, August 03, 2007

Chuck Makes Himself Unpopular

Or, How To Get Uninvited...

Some of you may know that I've been guest blogging on Middle Earth Journal and on Central Sanity , well, I still write for MEJ on occasion. It seems some of the readership of C S didn't much care for my tone and even my politics. I wondered about Pete Abel's thinking when he invited me as a "reasonable voice of the left." If he meant I gave it thought and made sure of what I was up to, that's reasonable, but apparently some readership had something else in mind. Now it is his blog to run as he pleases and I certainly don't have hard feelings, but there is this, if you read this blog and dislike what you've found, you've got a couple options, you can write me a comment and tell me why I'm screwed up, you can just suffer, or you can go read something else.

I have no political masters to please, no corporate agenda to write for, and I'm not running for office so I'll tell you what I think and why I think it and hope that you find it interesting and maybe challenging. I don't care if you agree with me, but I'm also happy to entertain your doubts and argue with you. I play fair, I won't call you names and I won't delete arguments, though I'll trash can trolls fast enough. If you can catch me out on facts or being unfair, I'll own up to it - you sure won't get many chances to do it.

I am completely uninterested in playing a game where you need "R" & "D" uniforms to tell the players apart. There are real and serious differences between the two and I'm not about to pretend there aren't. On reason I don't like Hillary is that she can't seem to figure that one out. If someone lies I will use the name that fits that behavior, I'll be dogged if I'll try to find a nice way to say liar. I will call the most corrupt crony ridden plutocratic administration in recent history BushCo because it fits as does George II fit the wannabe kinglet. Yes, I get pretty hot when basic Constitutional Rights are infringed upon and when the AG fits the denigrating stereotype of "criminal lawyer." (is there another sort?) ((joke))

Trying to write fresh stuff for 3 blogs was unfair to them and I like doing this one so it's for the best. Some folks over there seem to think they'll miss me, well I'm still here and at MEJ and for those who think consensus and compromise are the watch words, I have this thought for them:

History is full of people like you, you were the victims when power was chosen over principle, I ain't one of you. When two points are not real far apart, compromise and consensus are the means of making it work, when it's a choice between what George II stands for and what I stand for, it's head to head time.

Pete, Michael, Patrick, and Brigid are all good writers and can bring some interesting points to light, CS is worth a read - enjoy...tell 'em Chuck sent ya.


Pete Abel said...

You are a gentleman, Chuck, through and through. Thank you for your graciousness and we will continue to refer readers to your blog as well. I truly wish it could have been otherwise with the posting, but life goes on, I guess. You know you always have a fan, in me.

KISS said...

I wish to not have a blog page as it would be too time consuming for me. As it is I read about 30 blogs and comment on maybe 1/2 of them. From national blogs to home town types as this one. I find that I get as much needed news from blogs as I do from the many, many newspapers I read each day. Gleaning information of what our government is up too is difficult and damn right hard. I depend on those that have blogs to ferret out the information that is not available in main stream. Blogs are the only ways I have found that shuts down blow hards like Limbaugh and Lars Larson. I make it a point to respond in comments to at least show someone is paying attention. And it is so nice to find a dimmo who isn't a gun-grabber. lol

Chuck Butcher said...

Since this blog moved from a campaign site I've been the host for gracious readers and commenters, I've appreciated that and I continue to try to live up to their expectations of honesty and a slightly different Left.