Sunday, August 19, 2007

DPO Gun Owner's Caucus, Grants Pass, OR

I am one of the Charter members of the GOC but I hold no office within the Caucus other than member. Zach Johnson is the Chair and he put together the shoot/caucus meeting in Grants Pass as well as the Daily Courier piece. Please keep in mind the generosity of the Daily Courier to allow UTube posting of their property and treat it with due respect.

Zach and I provided most of the artillery ranging from .357 and 9mm up to .45 Colt & for the stout of heart 45-70 Govt. A couple people actually tried out the 5 1/2" Vacquero .45 Colt w/300 Gr at 1250fps CorBon. The majority of participants were first time shooters or those of very limited experience, a large portion of the GOC had other Caucus comitments at the time. It is important to note that the experience was intended as a fun outing rather than a competitive style shoot, managing to hit the target was considered a fine accomplishment. Note to organizers (self, Zach) keep targets closer in next time, it's much more fun to hit it.

The video was published on Blue Steel Democrats and I've held off publishing it so it could have a fair run there.


Steve Culley said...

I admire the way you hang in there Chuck trying to reeducate the urban left wing on what firearms ownership is all about. There has been progress in the red states, gun totin democrats are getting elected, some call them Blue dogs and Lou Dobbs democrats. Trouble is the democrats under Clinton earned their anti gun label. You know I wrote a lot of letters to the editor during Bill Clinton's tenure in office about the second amendment. As an Oregonian I got used to Ginny Burdick's regular attacks on the second.
I have my doubts about a leopard changing it's spots. I know you personally believe in the right to keep and bare arms but I couldn't bring myself to trust John Kerry. Same holds for Hillary. The time might come when the line of defense against tyranny is secure and the dems might regain some gun owner's trust but it isn't going to be by 2008. There is a substantial amount of rural democrats who won't consider another Clinton just for what they did when Bill had the White House. Can't see any of the leading dem candidates for president, excepting Richardson, gaining the trust of rural democrats and I don't think Richardson is really for stopping illegal immigration.
Rudy is a fake on immigration and guns. John McCain was in hot water over the second long before he sided with Bush on immigration and Romney is a recent convert on guns and immigration. No where to go but independent.
I'm looking for a tough on the borders, pro gun, troops home, constitutionalist. Hope after the Repubs get done screwing Ron Paul he will announce run as independent.
Fire away, don't mind arguing with an intelligent man.

Chuck Butcher said...

Anti-gun Democrats in OR are a surprisingly small number, but they are extremely vocal and active. This to my best inferences has been the case most places, small numbers/very noisy. But the truism about squeaking wheels does hold.

Hillary stinks on guns, Edwards is at best not so good, Obama seems to have kept a fairly low profile, Richardson good, the 4 with realistic chances. I won't do anything to help Hillary. Democrats in general seem to have gotten the message and gotten a little gun shy of banners.

Ginny Burdick is an ass and represents a tiny minority and is, as I said, noisy. It's her thing, what she has.

R08-05 was an important milestone in DPO and OR Democratic politics. It is something. As for Independents, all that I can see that they do is abdicate their ability to influence the process, because it is still a two Party system.

Steve Culley said...

Would bet that Hillary is the nominee. What then?

Chuck Butcher said...

I won't lift a finger for her, how I vote would really depend on who the R's run, but I think it's a safe assumption they're hopeless.

Zak J. said...

I think (ok, hope) Richardson will surprise the pundits. Funny to see "front runners" listed in both major parties so far in advance of actual voting.

I talk politics with a lot of Republicans and Richardson is the sole candidate in the Democratic field most of them would be comfortable voting for.

Find your issues, find who agrees with you on the really important ones, send them a check.