Friday, July 13, 2007

Who Is Hart Williams and Why Does He Scare FauxNews

Hart Williams is a blogger, leftish sort, who in the past ran Boregasm as Ed Waldo wherein much information about Howie Rich was researched and published, embarrassing information. The entire Libertarian/AnnRaynd thing was pretty thoroughly dissected. If you'd like to know something more than the press releases it's still up, but Ed Wald (er Hart) has moved along to Zug, "the little blog that could."

That rascally Ed Waldo wrote a piece, Another Dip in the Ted Nugent Slime that rather incautiously suggested that the hate rhetoric of the Right as practised by Nugent and Limbaugh will lead to bloodletting and at that point he'd like a piece of Rush and offered dibs on Nugent. After the civil war starts... Faux News picked it up and Hannity and Colmes ran with it, including naturally Nugent - scared for his family. English must not quite make to being their second language. Idjits.

Hart Williams at one time wrote for Hustler, which seem to particularly offend them, Vitter seems a bit more relevant but... The fact is that Hart Williams aka Ed Waldo has provided considerably more service to the nation in the arena of political information than Faux News has. If you think this is just kneejerk lefty stuff go read Hart.

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Steve Culley said...

Little hard to follow about ghost writers. Crap, every notice the amount of talking heads on TV that got their start as "presidential Speech writers?" Saw Ted once on Fox, Faux News doing some cooking. Think he had a book "Kill it and grill it" Loved the concept. Anything that pisses off the PETA people.
Never read the blogger you linked to before but I assume he is on the politcal left. Encouraging. A lefty that threatens to shoot. Could be America is turning around.