Friday, July 27, 2007

Matching Candidates

I don't take computer matching too seriously, for several reasons:
The questions are much too generic and and the range too narrow
The computer knows nothing of subtlety

So, I've already devalued the information I'm about to impart from PolitiChoice

Total Score
Chris Dodd
79.04 %
Bill Richardson
77.78 %
Dennis Kucinich
76.77 %
John Edwards
76.77 %
Barack Obama
70.45 %
Joe Biden
66.16 %
Hillary Clinton
64.65 %
Ron Paul
56.31 %
Sam Brownback
50.25 %
Rudy Guiliani
40.40 %

The Republicans seem to follow all Democrats, that's odd (haha), but Chris Dodd surprises me a little. Hillary just ahead of the Republicans, makes perfect sense, she lately complained that nobody had ever made Obama's comparison to her and Bush/Cheney Light, I've called her Bush with breasts, she must not read this.

Considering my stance on the 2nd Amendment Dennis Kucinich is pretty far up the list, too bad he doesn't understand the concept of being armed in the face of an armed government. What is not odd is that I am probably a bit left of Dennis. Some may find this statement odd, but even though I own a pretty fair number of large effective firearms I am quite pacifistic, in terms of warfare. I am quite confident that warfare is generally either the result of incompetence or lunacy and to be engaged in only as an absolute last resort. That does not include an idea that I will turn the other cheek, personally, but individual decisions are a different matter than governmental decisions.

I have yet to support any candidate; I am, frankly, trying to decide what I can lose on and still support one. Short of Hillary, the Democrats are vastly superior to the Republicans, but that does not mean they're right on everything or aren't quite wrong on somethings.

You may find the PolitiChoice poll/matching interesting, I obviously need to take a closer look at Chris Dodd since I have (embarrassingly) ignored him.


KISS said...

Chris Dodd is just like his crooked father IMO. He will look you in the face and lie with the best of them..oh ya, a gun-grabber too. Hillary is an empty suit and a buba clone. Interesting piece in one of the alternets. This hedge fund crash we are experiencing is a result of the Segall act of "33 being nixed by William Jefferson Clinton, same with welfare demolition and NAFTA by the unzippered one. impeachment was not for the corrupted policies he championed.

MVickIsACreep said...

I just tried Pretty interesting. Even though I thought he was a little strange, I actually match up to Dennis Kucinich quite nicely. He's also leading the Democrat field. I was a little skeptical at first, but this site references the positions they assigned the candidates to credible sources, so not too bad. Actually, it's pretty surprising to see who you match up with...check it out.