Friday, July 20, 2007

Cowboy Action Custom Gun Leather

***click pictures for full size***
This belt is custom cut for my waist and hips and the holsters are custom fit to the 3 1/2 inch .45 Colt SAA Ubertis. The load tail is for .45 Colt shells for either extended shooting, beyond the 6 loops each side, or for the 1873 Winchester by Chaparrel. The holsters are canted at 30 degrees for a draw that brings the revolvers to point rather than vertical draw. Trailsman Leather Co. of Baker City, OR -, Vern Trowbridge, for information.

I chose the dark brown stain in a mottle finish and plain buckle & conchos as my taste runs to less ornamentation, the rigs are available in various colors and degrees of ornamentation, tooling, and fittings (shell loops, etc.) Vern will travel distances for fitting and option choices. This is high end leather work, intended for competitive shooting and authentic re-enactments. I have inspected one of his top end tooling and decorative option rigs, a thing of beauty and function, carrying a price tag commensurate to that.
Because I am neither a representative nor principal I will not give pricing, but be ready to spend several hundred dollars for a simple set-up. You will be rewarded, there is absolutely no break-in or personal forming required, the rig will be absolutely comfortable, gun safe, and ready to use the minute you pick it up.
Yes, Vern is a member of my sportsman club, the local director of Cowboy Action Shooting, and a friend, but this product would be worth this endorsement if he were a stranger.
For more Cowboy Action Shooting click this link.


Oscar1986 said...

in authentic re-enactments do you act out historical events or do you do somthing in a historical setting
:)awesome blog,
check out my blog
love to hear what any other bloggers think?

Coyote said...

Nice rig Chuck. I've long thought about trying out CAS, but I can't get over the dress up part of it. I can appreciate the value of a good gun belt and holsters, but I don't do costumes, not even on Halloween. Are there shoots that don't require dressing up? And can I use my Glock and AR ;)

Chuck Butcher said...

Dress is optional, I don't do dress up. Guns are not optional,
they must be old cartrige, & function.

Coyote said...

Cool. I thought the shoots I was looking at required costumes. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

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