Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thinking Blog Award

This meme was hung on me by Pete Abel of Central Sanity (I am an occasional poster there), the rules for this are HERE, the idea being to list five Blogs that make me think. It's only fair to tag him back, since on that blog I'm surrounded by conservatives who seem to take great glee in making me grit my teeth and poke at them with sharpened sticks. So:

Central Sanity for already established reasons, and a short supply of sharpened sticks
Press Think if you care about what journalism is and where it's going - not a light read
Loaded Orygun for provocation and showing what blog journalism can be
Middle Earth Journal for making me work to do more than write "well exactly"
Blue Oregon for showing the diversity of progressives and being a place to make sure that's clear

All this is, of course, completely unfair to the many blogs that keep my intellectual machinery well oiled and ticking along. That's why I have a Blog Roll.


KISS said...

All are good, but never voice that a dimmo is full of S**t or out you go in Blue Oregon.

Chuck Butcher said...

I've called BS about the Gov, Hillary, and others on BO and I'm still allowed on. Kind of depends how you go about it. I guess I also shouldn't forget that I do have credentials as a dedicated Democrat.

Jeff Alworth said...

Thanks for the props, Chuck. Kiss, I don't know what happened to you on Blue, but I know that we have run far less than one percent off the site. Far less. The whole reason we started it was to engender conversation, and there are times when people's sole desire is to stifle it. So.

Chuck, you also run a nice thinking-man's blog. Cite yourself!

Ron said...

Thanks Chuck