Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Problem Will Stay And Fix The Problem

Huh? Surely that doesn't sound like a very intelligent response, but darn this is easily one of the stupider things I've heard proposed. Albie Gonzales says he's determined to stay on and fix the problems he's caused at Justice. Oh for pete's sake; hello Albie you're not competent, you're clueless about both your role and the Constitution and finally you're such an abject sycophant it is hard to imagine.

Albie is now up to somewhere near three versions of illegal wiretapping and Justice, first there was no controversy at Justice - no serious disagreements - threatened resignations, the Acting AG refusing to sign off; then there was the version where he was informing the sick anaesthetised Ashcroft of the sense of Congress; or maybe the version where it was a different intelligence matter - domestic intelligence he can't talk about.

Fired US Attorneys were apparently those fired with cause - ie. misconduct and those fired for different reasons, stated and then denied by Albie - without cause. He gave an example of "helping out a bud," and when asked by Feinstein if this happened said no. I couldn't stand to watch and see if there was any actual "for cause."

He can't say if the DC US Attorney will proceed with contempt citations, they deny executive privilege is subject, oh heck, you do know better than to think they'll do anything. The only real question that occurs is whether the end of this administration will lead to criminal trials. Wonder if there'll be pardons issued?

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