Monday, July 02, 2007

...And With Justice For Some

If you were taking the Pledge of Allegiance seriously, maybe you should re-think. Reflect on your station in life, are you a big political player or maybe rich? If you belong to a political party that makes a big deal out of law and order, and personal responsibility it's OK to perjure yourself and obstruct justice as long as you're a part of a corrupt secretive administration. You see, what counts is who your friends are and who you work for.

Five hours after the appeals court refused to intervene in Scooter's case, the President did, George II said 2 1/2 years was too severe. That Republican prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said, "It is fundamental to the rule of law that all citizens stand before the bar of justice as equals." For the critics of the sentencing and even prosecution it is worth pointing out that darn near everybody professionally involved - prosecution, judge, appeals were Republican appointees and they agreed he should go to jail. But... Scooter has friends.

I suggest that my readers do not try this course, you are neither important enough nor well connected enough to stay out of jail. Now Scooter will have to pay his fines and do his probation and his reputation is "ruined." The "s are deliberate and meaningful, because his reputation is just exactly as good as the rest of his cohorts and now proven so. Politicians sometimes exaggerate their capabilities but they seldom engage in outright lies and this bunch seldom seems to avoid them.

I'll bet that if you paid any attention to the Paris Hilton junk, the one thing that struck you was that a little rich girl actually got spanked and maybe in the run up to this commutation you thought this might hold. Not in this administration, connections are all, you make fortunes, save corporations, stay out of jail, ad nauseum if you're hooked up. Of course, wealth, power, and connections have always been valuable and of great usefulness, but there was at least a pretense that the rest of us were in the game to some extent.

You had better understand that this is the natural outgrowth of "conservatism" as practised today. The "conservatives" will squeal, "not so," and try to make the point that this isn't conservatism while it actually is. It is the practice of unfettered greed with the government augmenting it while following practices that constrict working wages. It is called keeping the government out of the way, it's called "personal responsibility" (providing it only applies to the powerless), privatization of governmental services (providing you're hooked-up), the abdication of governance because it isn't important. If you follow each and every tenet of the Republican Party as enunciated over the past dozen years you will find its practice in effect today and of benefit to 0.1% of the population, the absolutely incredibly wealthy. Republicans are wont to call these kinds of statements "class warfare," and they'd be right, what they miss is that they are the ones waging it.


KISS said...

The crassness of this commutation is nothing new to politics on the high level. Bubba did it and many presidents have also done it. What makes this so outstanding is the boldness of Bush and flaunting it in the face of Americans. The arrogance and conceit of this moronic Cretin is amazing. I find it amusing that the hype that Libby is stained forever to be so far from the truth. The fine will be paid by his cronies, Industry will land him a soft well-paid job and his lawyer status will be the same...he seldom ever needed the credentials.
So what is worse, Bush commuting the sentence or the dimmos not having the guts to impeach both Bush and Cheney?
If ever there was a need for a third party this is the time. A third party or revolution? Time to re-think our political system.

Coyote said...

Liberty and justice for some! Now that's an ideal I'm willing to die for....

I must admit to being shocked by this commutation. I didn't think I could think any less of Bush, but then he goes and does this. Such a brazen show of contempt for the rule of law, out there for all to see, didn't try to hide it or nothing. And the Republicans are STILL supporting this blue-blooded anti-American, arguing, of course, that Clinton was worse (they really have a sick, unnatural obsession with that man's penis).

I continue to be astounded by the shameless hypocrisy of Republicans. But frankly, the Dems in Congress aren't doing any better. How much you want to bet they'll let this one slide? What's the point of even keeping impeachment in the Constitution if they're too cowardly to use it against brazen law-breakers like Bush?

Maybe we should just admit that we've reverted to an outright monarchy and just be done with it. Long live the king!

Steve Culley said...

Come on guys, this wasn't as crass as the pardon Bush failed to issue. Remember the two border agents that shot the scum bag drug smuggler? They got 11 years and 12 years. Keep your powder dry Kiss. Ballots before bullets.

Chuck Butcher said...
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