Friday, July 13, 2007

An Alternate Universe

It has been speculated by various esoteric physicists that there are multiple universes slightly separated by dimensions created by exotic sub-atomic particles. I wonder if we haven't sprung a leak somewhere near Washington, DC. I wasn't too bothered by the spin of the Clean Air Act or Healthy Forests Act being something completely other than what their titles indicated, but lately I've gotten worried about the state of dimensional stability. I was pretty concerned that a guy who'd slaughtered hundreds of humans in Texas for legal offenses found 30 months Federal time too severe for a rat bastard who'd lied to the FBI, lied to a Grand Jury, and obstructed a criminal investigation, something slipped, I thought.

There is the matter of the War on Terror, in what universe does going to war with an uninvolved country and ignoring a heavily involved country constitute a strategy? Assaulting the civil liberties of the very people whose way of life you propose to be protecting seems a contradiction, sufficient to require an other worldly perspective. When soldiers are being killed and injured by people who are dedicated to violence, justifying your strategy as a fight against those ranked as the least of the problem by those fighting the war seems rather Alice in Wonderland.

There evidently is a place where a decrease in income results in an increase and the rich and powerful need real help staying that way. This would be the sort of place where, despite widespread use and a lack of data showing significant harm, possession of marijuana is vigorously prosecuted by the Federal Government. but 12 million illegal aliens is too big a problem and should just be ignored and amnestied despite the demonstrable harm to wages, social services, education, and possibly security. You might even find this to a place where inanimate objects, guns, are blamed for the actions of humans.

I'm sure that talking about a Vice President as a newly minted Non-any branch of government position must require a peculiar view of reality. A person would need to be careful of walking off the edge of the world.

An oddity from the perspective of continuity is the appearance of the phone number of a moral legal enforcer in an alleged hooker's/pimp's phonebook and his acknowledgement of an unspecified "serious sin." His wife, being an ardent supporter of monogamy, must be wondering how exactly homosexual marriage would be nearly as much threat to conventional marriage as infidelity, connecting these particular dots requires a detour through some dimensional warp.

I know full well that hypocrisy is not a new phenomenon, but what makes the theory of dimensional leakage or slip reasonable is that these actions do not alienate every witness. The other assumption would be that people aren't smart enough to get it requires a belief in people too stupid breathe surviving.


Steve Culley said...

Would like to add something to your list of negatives to the illegal alien problem. The biggest in my opinion. Again I say just the increase in population from immigration is the major problem. I'll keep harping until it makes the list.
And on the pardon for Libby I would point out that 2 border agents who finally did what should have been done years ago, they shot a drug smuggler, and got 11 and 12 years in prison and didn't even get a pardon when they should have gotten a medal.
Twilight zone for sure.

Chuck Butcher said...

I know there's alot left out, I was tying to jog a funny bone with some sarcasm, to cover the ground thoroughly would required a very long post and extended time in another dimension where it's hard to breathe.

Steve Culley said...

A month short of sixty I saw some history, civil rights, Viet Nam, the hippies, Nixon, Reagon, Carter, Bill Clinton and guns turning into an evil thing instead of the instrument that secured the freedom of this country many times since 1775, a man on the moon, great leaps forward in science and technology, some highs and lows but....this time, in this time I fear for my country, a damned joke for president and the complete sell out of the republic for some kind of global bullshit. Actually on reread you do make some funny points, sarcasm is usefull. Sometimes I think the gods are laughing at us.

KISS said...

"I'm sure that talking about a Vice President as a newly minted Non-any branch of government position must require a peculiar view of reality"
Just which strong-hearted dimmos had the courage to stand with their repug brothers and vote to give Cheney funding for his office? The dimmos are a tough bunch, They fold at the first sign of a fight.
As for David Vitter, the repugs will rally around this hypocrite and defend his constitutional right to screw as he pleases and bar the citizens of the same right.
I glad he is from Louisiana and not Oregon.
Todays Big O gives accolades to two of the worst. Gordly the nearsighted and Minnis the blind sighted. Let us hope they will be replaced by those that can and will think.