Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Hillary Than Lorena

So, maybe despite the silly rhetoric about Lorena and Hillary and their spouses' members there is still something to be said for civilization. It seems that Mrs Senator Vitter (Wendy) thinks anybody else would have had privacy, but she decided "to love her husband" and "forgive him." A rather stark difference to the statement that she's "more Lorena than Hillary."

It appears that the adulterous hypocrite Senator gets to keep his parts because his wife is also apparently a hypocrite, when in public.


Steve Culley said...

Caught part of Mrs. Vitter's talk on Lou Dobbs. She actually appears to be a graciuos lady. I feel for their kids. The real hypocricy I see is that the open borders lobby will use this to go after Vitter because he was instrumental in fighting the invasion. That's politics. While the republicans were after Bill Clinton he backed off on whacking Bin Laden because he would have been accused of waging the dog to change the subject.
Let's just admit it, sex as a driving force is something that gets politicians in trouble, has since Solomon. It makes for great soap opera but has little to do with running a republic.

Chuck Butcher said...

Lying hypocisy has a lot to do with running a republic into the ground. If his stuff is that bad it makes you wonder what he was playing at in the immigration debate.

Sure she was gracious, it helps while you're saying exactly what you said you didn't do. You feel for the kids? What, that he got caught, or that they're being fathered by such a piece of work?

KISS said...

Just maybe her graciousness is more about money and potential than love or happy home-life expectations. Standing by her man is accepted social conscious these days.
As for the great unzipped, It is the hypocrisy that one must not forget..abstitence, homo-phobia, and deceit are what makes Vitter the dog he is. At least he did not make a crying spectacle out of his mis-deeds as did Jimmy Swaggerd of panty sniffing fame..both from Louisiana.