Thursday, July 26, 2007

Supporting the Troops

Whatever else may be said about the Iraq war and what to do about it, this much is sure; we made promises to our soldiers and asked them to do the dirty work for us, it is unconscionable to not take care of our injured troops. There is no excuse, money is not lacking, facilities are not lacking, trained professionals are not lacking; what is lacking is the will to use whatever means it takes to utilize the existing infrastructure.

The Dole/Shalala Report points up serious inadequacies in troop health care, Bush said, "we'll adjust..." Later reports had a caveat - later. These people cry the "support the troops" mantra and never do a damn thing about taking care of them when they're hurt until their feet are held to the fire. If I sound pissed off, I am. I have friends who are Vets and injured Vets, many whose war ended a quarter century ago, and they still suffer. Whatever I may have thought about their wars, it does not change the fact that they were brave, honorable people who did what their country asked and now we do not do as promised?

We are creating injured vets by the thousands today and we need to show the will to do what is right for them. This is not a political issue, it is not a partisan issue, it is an issue of morality. Try hard to find some.

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Steve Culley said...

The VFW, veterans of Foreign Wars and DAV, Disabled American Veterans have web sites. People should check in once and awhile just to see what's happening.