Friday, July 27, 2007

Republicans, This Poll Should Worry You

I am not a pollster and not even an analyst of polls, but I can read them and see some trends these trends should worry the snot out of Republicans regarding younger voters. The link is to the survey break down, I'd encourage you to peruse this portion as it is somewhat more illuminating than the simple 'Republicans suck' analysis. Here is something illuminating, the respondents narrowly define themselves as Conservative, but define their peers as Liberal almost 75%. This defining is odd as a demographic, it simply cannot be accurate, a poll might be skewed somewhat but not 25% so what is happening is these people are assigning to themselves an inaccurate definition. What they approve of and who they trust to deal with it are at a minimum left of center if not Progressive. They trust Democrats on health care, economy, Iraq, terrorism, and environment and on the presidential Democrat/Republican they split D55/R34 and lean pushes it to 57/36. The future looks even bleaker with bigger government 68/smaller government 28 and these are Republican ideals going under.

These folks are likely to vote, "probably" 14% and "almost certainly" 69% (83%) and they're interested with 10 "very interested" 7-10 is 78%. This is startling considering that Democratic registration with young at the bottom and seniors at the top creates an inverted triangle while Republican is nearly a rectangle. How this plays out will have a lot to do with what Democrats do with the opportunities BushCo has provided them.

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