Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Impeachment Drumbeat

Over at Huffpo Robert Wexler D FL19 promises to introduce a motion to censure the President for his Scooter commutation. He makes a good argument and while such a move is practicably immaterial it does at least make a statement of some sort. Predictably this brought out the wingnut "no underlying crime and not covert" lines and the 'I' word. Impeachment sure sounds good.

That's about it folks, 'sounds good.' Be under no illusions, I'd be greatly assuaged by the sight of several of the top BushCos, including George II, making the perp walk in manacles and detention jumpsuits. Maybe that can happen, I have more than a hunch that there are several provable felonies laying around. What can't happen is a Sustained Impeachment.

Bill Clinton committed an act that was clearly Impeachable (he was) but it was not Sustained partly, at least, on partisan grounds. If anyone thinks a 1 vote Senate margin in Party caucus is sufficient to Sustain, they have a lot more blind faith in Republican principles than I do, and obviously than the House leadership does. You bet the Democrats could make GWB's life difficult and tie up the House and then maybe the Senate with Impeachment hearings. They could probably make some of the 70+% of America that already dislikes George II like him less, the 28%ers would rally round the "flag." But is that the point?

I propose to you that the point isn't to make Bush less popular with those who don't like him, the object is to give the Republicans an ass kicking to make all ass kickings look like pattycakes. The way to do that is to pass good progressive legislation that is meaningful and important to American voters, have it Vetoed, and Sustained by the Republican faithful. Repeatedly. Drive home the message that the Republicans have an agenda and it isn't the common man. Make it so clear, so media friendly and obvious that even Faux News can't hide it. Leave the OReilys and Limbaughs scrambling to demonize the politicians that people can see doing their business. Take the gloves off, drop the pretense of bipartisanship, and ram every progressive wish listed Bill through so they can kill it.

This Congress isn't going to get anything meaningful done, except possibly defund the war which could lead to an Executive shutdown, al la Clinton and Gingritch, so why not use their time wisely and to political effect. Keep the oversight hearings clicking along, give BushCo every opportunity to have bad memories, lie (perjure), and generally look bad and toss lots of stuff into the Courts; and give the Republicans every chance available to look really bad. There are elections in 08 and not just the Presidential one. Taking seats is what counts, the Republicans have earned some time in the woodshed, help them on their way and help them stay there until they learn how to practice politics for the benefit of Americans.

You never can tell, Congress nosing around might shake loose something an 09 DOJ could use to put some rather important people in jail, where they would actually stay without the kinglet George II around to commute.


Causal said...

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KISS said...

I'll sign on, but Wexler is a summer breeze blowwing against a two-party hurricane. Neither side wishes an impeachment...they eat from the same trough.

KISS said...

Great news Cindy Sheehan told Pelosi impeach or I'll run against you! Go Cindy. Let's dump the crazy wwoman.