Tuesday, August 04, 2009

To Be Fair To Senate Democrats See Merkley and Brown

In a recent post I cast doubt on the future of health care reform of meaningful proportions. Saying anything good about the GOP and Health Care is simply beyond me and anyone that is actually willing to look at the entire mess without junk prejudices. A bunch of Democrats are laboring mightily to bring something like reform into being without being high profile names like Sen Ted Kennedy.

I'd like to suggest you take a real look at two, Sen Jeff Merkley (OR-D) and Sherrod Brown (OH-D). They aren't alone, but rank as a couple of my favorites. I tried pretty hard to help Jeff get elected and I've watched Brown with great interest since I was mostly raised in Ohio and had reason to be pleased with that - at one time.

I'm leaving out people with real claims to attention for the simple reason that 535 is just too many people to comb through (sure, discount any (R) but that's still a lot) and also manage to bore you. Sen Merkley will probably see this, but it wouldn't hurt for readers to send kudos to these guys and others you may know of independently. Thanks Senators and all the rest of you in the trenches.

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