Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Keith Olberman Gets ... Upset

I suppose that the best way to get KO to go off on somebody or something is to suggest that he's a corporate tool Details of a meeting between Newscorp and GE were leaked and it seems that Murdoch and Imelt agreed that a feud between BillO and KO was bad for the parent Corporations. Their apparent agreement was inferred to include the feuders and was alluded to by several despite KO's denial of being a party.

Tonight he returned from vacation to award BillO a Silver Worst Person for lying about his visit to Sylvia's Restaurant but gave Rupe a Gold for stifling BillO and declared (tongue in cheek??) solidarity with BillO in throwing off the Aussie shackles.

I am not a GE insider and I do not have media sources and even further I have no real information regarding KO's freedom of action as an employee of GE/MSNBC. What I did see was exactly the same behavior that marked the feud. I will point out to skeptics that KO's opposition to the BushCo Iraqi Adventure was directly counter to the interests of the military contracting arm of GE which is a large piece of its business. Imelt has been held up to public scrutiny in the matter of interfering with the news wing and Olberman's response may take him off that particular thorn but drops him right onto the one of not having control over a loose cannon named KO.

Unlike the GOP Republican tools at FauxNews, KO not only scorched the GOP as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Health Industry he kicked the snot out of the Democrats who refuse to act as though they aren't (R)s on this issue and pointed to their contribution record of benefit from that industry. That would be Democrats getting called out in no uncertain terms, including the promise that if they will not represent the people they can be replaced in a heartbeat.

Whatever his idiosyncrasies I find it hard not to like his show...

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