Monday, August 17, 2009

Night Fire Day Three

The day started at 8 AM with Heavy Time Trials and my class Pro went at 9 AM with me early in the pack. The car seemed to slip only a little at the launch and the 1.78 sec. 60 foot bore that feeling out and the ET was a respectable 13.45 at 98 mph. Previous history with this car would lead to an expectation of 13.teens but the poor launches preclude such a time. I felt better about the car.

First elimination run was about an hour later, once again I roasted the tires but the launch told me I was in trouble, the car virtually stood still and turned an abysmal time of 13.68 versus my 13.49 dial and I lost. I bought into the Consolation race because I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, over heated tires. The buy in race didn’t happen until about 3:30 and I had, as far as I could tell, every thing correct to run. I did a moderate burnout, waiting until the engine was pulled down slightly by increasing traction and rolled into the stage. I knew I was a touch late on the light but was astonished to find myself sitting still and then the tires bit – hard. Previously the car had felt lazy leaving, this time I was bounced off the seat back and the engine wound fast to the shift point and I was bounced again. This particular combination put me through the traps at .04 too quick with a horrid light, since I was sitting still spinning the tires. Needless to say that was a loss.

These tires have got to go away, never to be under this car again. At the end of this race they will be almost new tires and at $240 each a loss of significant dollars but they are pointless. I know a tire that will work and I will order them sometime Monday. If I propose to do this I might as well give myself some sort of chance and that will cost another $500 or so to do. The new wheels are enough of an investment that I am pretty much forced into continuing. It isn’t as though I need much encouragement to continue.

Tomorrow is Sunday, day four and I no longer am taking this the least seriously. I have no expectations of the car or the race so it just does not matter, I get to make a time trial pass and at least one elimination pass and that will be for the fun of it. The car is gassed up, the tires are holding air and all the parts beyond the rear tires are functioning properly so fun is what it will be.

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