Monday, August 17, 2009

Public Option Not A Big Deal?

There is now considerable talk that the public option in health care reform is not a big deal. It seems that no CPoR will vote for something with it and a chunk of Democrats called Blue Dogs (sons a bitches) won't. Some kind of co-op idea is being floated or simply subsidizing the HealthInc Insurance Companies. How exactly is subsidizing HealthInc not socialized medicine other than that the only beneficiaries are Corporate types?

The Corporate Insurance types are making money hand over fist off the current system. These ideas will turn the taxpayers of the US into the indirect of the same bunch rather than screwing them up front and in plain sight. I will be quite clear - I will not give those rat bastards a cent other than at point of a gun.

By now it should be clear that the US Senate is a directly owned subsidiary of Investment Banks and HealthInc. You may actually cast a vote that keeps them in their job or gets them a job but the idea that you are represented by that bunch is ludicrous, despite the couple with an actual backbone and the interest of their fellow citizens. Now you get a paint job at best and at worst a gun to your head to give more money to those who care nothing for your health. The very richest corporations and CEOs will get what they want and you can go hang. Now that the banks have gotten their paws in the public till and are making record profits again have you gotten a reasonable loan? Maybe you think something different is in the offing with HealthInc?

I am approaching the end of my tether with this crap. The public option was no more than a half-assed dress-up game to get votes and kind of address the problem. Get this straight, I pay for the seniors to have socialized medicine while they act as shills for the HealthInc to make sure I cannot have health insurance without enriching the rapists of HealthInc through tax dollars and they finance Senators' elections so HealthInc and Investment Banks can root in the trough. You get the bill.

Every time someone goes bankrupt due to medical bills you get to pay for it, insured or not. Every time you write a check or your or someones employer writes that check for HealthInc you pay for it. That car you bought - you paid for HealthInc to screw an auto maker. You are getting nailed coming and going and it makes no difference how much you make unless you're one of the rich. This system is an indirect taxation on the public for the sole purpose of keeping HealthInc rich and able to buy elected officials. NOBODY in their right mind or engaging in honesty is unaware of this, make no mistake, whatever ideology your Congressperson espouses they know this.

Why should I give a damn about the 2010 elections and whether there is a (D) or (R) after a name? It is clear that many of the Democrats are as owned as the CPoR bunch. What difference in the world does it make to have my handful of Oregonians acting as though the citizenry counts when Congress just cannot seem to understand it enough to pass something that actually does something? I worked pretty hard to help elect one of the seat changes in the US Senate that made 60 votes and what I get is the self-congratulations that my guy is not an asshole in a body controlled by assholes??? That's no more than an exercise in masturbation. I have better things to do.

The stock market fell badly today, unless you were a HealthInc biggie, Investment Banks just made out as well as CEOs - you got screwed. Something different, eh?

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