Saturday, August 01, 2009

A "Little" Ride

I took a little ride last week, Thursday I left for Gold Beach, OR which is 530 miles by odometer and got there late that night. I visited a friend Friday and left that afternoon for Salem. I did some cruising around the Salem area and returned home Monday. Total on the trip meter was 1480 miles and total bug deposit on the Harley was impressive and depressing.

****click pic for full size****

I had planned to ride from Gold Beach to Newport and cut directly east to Salem but after Thursday night with 40s temps and 40+ mph head winds followed by Friday afternoon in 50s with once again high head winds persuaded me to go east at Reedsport. I got warm and comfortable 10 minutes from the coast and hit an elk viewing area, Roosevelt Elk which are smaller than Rocky Mtn Elk we have here at home. Phone camera has no zoom.

No, the road isn't flooded, this is the Buena Vista ferry crossing outside Salem. I've been on ferries before, but never on a bike. You find interesting and cool things cruising with no destination.

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