Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Republican Health Care Reform

If you've paid attention over the past three years the Republican Party suffered stunning losses, to the stage where they are now a pointless minority in the House and have only 40 Caucus votes in the Senate. Stunning is the accurate word, or you'd think so.

Nope. They out appear (D)s on "news" programs, their opinions are treated with respect by media, their lies are not challenged, and they are courted by "bi-partisan" advocates. They are now the go-to people in regard to HealthInc. Think about this, their accomplishments in regard to health care amount to sinking the Clinton Administration attempt to do something, out sourcing into the toilet VA care, and now they're in the driver's seat on Health Care Reform. Yes, the party of ignorance, cronyism, and the destruction of the working class is important to your health. You do remember that they ran Congress and later both that and the Presidency and the thought that HealthInc sucks never crossed their little minds.

It might seem to reasonable people that defeat has consequences. It appears that isn't so, it appears that the defeated get to run the damn show. What the hell? The voters did not approve the Republican agenda, they rejected it in large measure. These people were judged to be LOSERS. So now the cronies win again? How in the hell am I supposed to persuade people that the political process matters? You may not have to shut up when you lose but you sure the hell don't get to run the show.

Persuade others? Who is supposed to persuade me?.

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