Thursday, August 06, 2009

Enemies List

After all these years of watching the GOP and so-called conservatives get freaked out by one group or the other and stoking up fear and hatred of them, and the list is long, I got to wondering. Is there an actual lefty list, other than for some, gun owners? There really should be some kind of balance if this political divide is rational.

On the GOP side:
Blacks (poor or in particular uppity ones like a President)
Hispanics (short of pea-pickin kind) (or plutocratic serfs)
Gays (unless closeted Republicans or aides)
Non-evangelic Christians (Catholic exorcists excepted)
Scientists (except weapons research)
The Poor (except crackers)
The Left (that includes the middle from 40 yrs ago)
Socialists (Hitler was one, you know)
Teachers/public schools
Smart people (somehow an elite)
Community organizers (excepting extreme rightwing)
The Democrat Party (they cannot be expected to spell)
The word Liberal (somehow fascistic communist inspired terror enabling frCheck Spellingiends of gay brown baby jesus killing abortionist welfare queens)
Health care advocates

Oh hell, I'm running out of venom and still it's the short list of devils and what is there for the other side of the ledger? What do you do with a list like this? Can you imagine the constant state of fear you'd have to live with - if you believed any of it.

That's the rub, to be a politico you'd have to rub shoulders with most of these people and know better, at least in a rational world you would. You might have to be disturbed to be the Confederate Party of Republicanism. You might have to care about the welfare of the general citizenry. I don't know, it must be extremely tiring and wearing to be in such a state most of the time.

Damn, grow up - such a list includes about 80% of the population and it isn't that bad giving a damn that their lives don't suck.

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