Friday, August 28, 2009

The Alternate Universe

You may have noticed a lack of posting lately, there is an actual reason ... er ... excuse. What passes for news, other than Sen Kennedy's death has been some sort of degeneration into debates between reality and an alternate universe. There are various versions of health care reform bills floating around, written down in actual English and the other side seems to be required to translate them into Gibberish. There is not a debate, there is an argument being waged between alternate views of reality - it's ludicrous and it's not politics it is something else.

I don't know how much is about this black guy Obama squatting in the White House and how much is about loss of power and how much is about economic fear; but things have gone beyond politics. The Confederate Party of Republicanism can't match me for staunch support of the 2nd Amendment but I'll be damned if I can think of anything stupider than carrying a gun to a Presidential event as an ordinary citizen. It is stupid on too many levels to address adequately but two reasons ought to be sufficient for anyone capable of opening a box - One, you tell every level of government to take a very close look at you and Two, you distract the Secret Service and other responsible people from their job.

Birthers and Teapartiers engage in absolute erratic behavior, there is a birth certificate and we are the most lightly taxed industrial nation around, especially the wealthy amongst us. The facts are there for anyone who wants to look at them, it is neither rocket science nor particularly time consuming. Apparently, just saying it makes it so - no major news organization is willing to notice that the government is taxing people to death, an illegal alien is running the place, the government is going to kill Gramma and Gramps and idiot politico's disadvantaged children. For pete's sake, the Bush Administration DOJ, Secret Service, CIA, NSA, ad nauseum couldn't figure out that Obama isn't a citizen?

Some people have too much time on their hands this summer or the heat has cooked the two live brain cells they have. I'm just plain tired of it and crabbing about it to my readers doesn't help. Harley Davidson, however, does.


MichaelRyerson said...

Once again, nice post. Wish I'd said that. in fact, I guess I have but with more words and less elegantly.

Chuck Butcher said...

Feel free to add your own words and elegance any time. It is, after all, what the comments box is for.

Dusty said...

You pretty much covered all the bases on this issue, so I really do not know what to add, except maybe:

The extreme right got real comfy during the eight years BushCo ran the country. Then, they were dropped on their little heads when a Black Man was elected President of our nation.

I believe much of their problem is the color of Obama's the fact that he is a democrat that is left of the center(not by much) on many issues.

I still worry about The Big O getting capped by one of these loonies. They feed off each other's anger.