Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sen Ted Kennedy Is Gone

The news just came in that Ted Kennedy has died. This isn't a real big surprise given the nature of brain cancer but it has come rather suddenly. Whatever happened at Chappaquiddick and whether or nor he paid a full price for it, one thing is certain - he has stood for the ordinary man for most of his career.

I don't make heroes out of politicians and Sen Kennedy had enough of a past to disqualify him from any pantheon I might form. That said, there are enough of the wealthy and wannabes out there that cannot see that a large portion of society is left out of our system that he stands out as one who not only could see them but made and active effort to improve their lot. I won't go into the issues where I've disagreed with him, there are some, but looking at his record and contrasting it with fellow Party members like Baucus and opposition Party members like ... well hell, all of them is informative.

I had hoped that in light of his efforts that he would have a chance to to vote for and see passed a real health reform bill. It is clear that wasn't to happen and now I have to wonder if such a thing will happen within my lifetime. This could have happened for Teddy and now it looks as though those of us who also see a broken system that could be fixed won't see any more than another defeat at the hands of lies and fear mongering and name calling.

I don't know what shame or guilt Ted Kennedy may have felt or deserved, what I do know is that he dedicated himself to public service rather than the accumulation of wealth and power. The opponents of his efforts show no shame or loss for their abhorrent behavior while denigrating Ted and his brothers for their shortcomings. The loss of the promise of that family is stunning in its depth and breadth, we can only acknowledge their efforts and dedication with admiration and let be their failings as paid.

Goodbye Teddy, fare thee well.

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Anonymous said...

They should start collecting contributions to construct a national monument for all those who have suffered or died as a result of the Kennedy family, and those connected to them. It should include a museum: with Skakel's golf club, the coroner's report, and photos; photos of Ted Kennedy's car, mary Jo Kopechne, and the Chappaquiddick bridge, and other historical items.