Monday, August 17, 2009

Night Fire Day Two

Woke this morning to find the left rear dead flat, the slow leak from Day 1. Aired the tire up and went on the plus side to ensure air in the time trial. Not so good, the car went down the track wobbling. By the time I pitted I had about 7 pounds, way soft. I caught the Mickey Thompson trailer as they opened and was assured they could deal with the tire after a long walk. Walked back and got the car in the air and wheel dismounted and walked back up, passing my pit neighbor on the way who sent his son up in their truck to pick me up. A small hole was found in the tube and patched. Nope, on assembly it wouldn’t hold air. I told him to pull the tube and use a stem for tubeless. I got the car on the ground with about a half hour to spare. I could feel the car slip on the line but it ran pretty well. On the first elimination run I used the number from the time trial. Oh oops, the blast car almost hooked up and ran 0.2 seconds faster blowing my dial in badly. With a break out I wasn’t qualified for the consolation race so I went shopping in the town about 10 miles away.

Driving on racing tires is an iffy proposition at best and since I didn’t have enough air in my tank to get the rears above 15 pounds I went about 45 miles per hour, a nuisance to drivers wanting to drive the speed limit of 65. I bought filters and got air and then grocery shopped. I do believe I’d rather have been racing. I have the entire day to what ever I choose to do other than drag race. Cooking seems to be on the agenda.

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