Friday, August 07, 2009

Cutting Glen Beck's Dollar Flow

It seems that Color of Change is having some success getting advertisers to back away from Glen Beck on FauxNews. They'd like some help with a petition to advertisers and since I'm offended by people making money from hate and fear I signed and I'm passing this on.

If Rupe would like to keep this loon on as a charity case I don't mind but having the Aussie make money off this cretin's lunacy is a bit much. While I find most of Rupe's line-up distasteful the excess that is Beck crosses into something entirely crazy and whether it is an act or sincere matters little. Some people are incited into really stupid and possibly dangerous behavior by Beck.

It doesn't cost you anything more than a couple minutes to try putting the squeeze on Glen.


Zak Johnson said...

Why did Rupe become a US citizen anyway? Australia not right-wing enough for him?

Chuck Butcher said...

Taxes, Republicans to pay-off, etc.

mattH said...

Only way he could buy Fox. U.S law prohibited a foreigner to hold majority control of a media outlet, hence his "commitment" to America is dollar-deep.

Chuck Butcher said...

GHWBush and his FCC granted an exception, he was not a citizen. Guess who he owes big?