Monday, August 17, 2009

Night Fire Day Four

Time trials for Pro began about 9:30 AM and I was near the front and went red on the launch. I am unsure what went wrong with that one, I thought I left at the right time. My guess is that I went into the beams too deep. Once again the car felt lazy coming off the line but I decided after reviewing the Time Slip that the results were more ordinary than extraordinary – as noted previously, the likelihood of that mattering seemed small. Eliminations came around and I guessed the air would move the time a little worse and added something for the heck of it. I sat looking at the light instead of going, for some unfathomable reason and the car ended up half a car behind the competitor at the line. Review of the TS showed that I’d have easily won the race with a light something less bad than embarrassing with the dial in within 0.04 seconds, not great but not so bad.

I had already decided I wouldn’t waste anymore money buying into the Consolation Races … right. I asked my pit neighbor I’d made friends with to talk me out of doing something as stupid as throwing more money at a losing cause – he declined, being irresponsible enough to be a drag racer. I walked up and bought in having had the third best losing dial in out of 32. Hours later after the Pro-Mods, AA Fuel, and AA Fuel Funnies ran and created some track cleaning issues, the Consolation Race was cancelled.

I loaded the car on the trailer and headed home.

Gus was happy to be home and now I’ve sketched my play time for you.

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