Friday, August 07, 2009

Playing With Matches

It may not come as a news flash that the economy sucks and some people are getting hurt quite badly. It is also statistically males that are losing most jobs and that the hits are hardest in manufacturing, construction, and lower management - jobs primarily held by mid-aged white males. Here is a nasty statistic, non-family essentially random murders are primarily committed by ... white mid-aged males under stress, particularly economic stress buttressed by paranoiac conspiracy feelings regarding authority.

We have thrown into that mix a politically driven toxic waste, health care reform opposition. It was toxic enough when it involved just the term socialism, but it has advanced quite a ways since. National debt is no longer the talking point, it has become a Nazi program with euthanasia for the elderly, sick, and disabled promoted by people with the agenda of ruining the nation. This mantra is spouted by "respectable figures" like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the fake grassroots organizations of K St. It is said with authority and by people held in some esteem by a particular group. Sarah Palin refers to "Obama's death board" and Rush quite openly makes Nazi comparisons. The proposition being that the program is composed of truly vile actions taken by truly vile people against the defenseless by big government with an agenda.

The pictures and sound are everywhere as townhalls become increasingly chaotic and rage is showcased. There is the illusion of a mass movement of crushed citizenry in revolt against the faceless oppressors highlighted by the black face of Obama. People are being motivated by everything from racism to confusion with ignorance as the most common factor and rage as the result.

If one wished to mine very fertile ground for a couple people with serious issues that could end in murder these would be the tactics and the place for it. I would guess that it is a near certainty that someone or some will take these as their cues to commit a crime that is not only justified but that will have approval for having as its target someone not only deserving in this context but responsible in a larger sense for all that ails this nation - and the individual in action.

Rep Broun (R-GA) won't be packing the gun but his finger will be on the trigger, along with the rest of the irresponsible cretins playing at this political terrorism. Ginnning up imaginary devils to scare hell out of people is terrorism, the shouting isn't but when the shooting starts it will be. Some poor sick SOB will have had all his buttons pushed in this environment and an innocent will suffer. Yes, it will be a gun because bombs take way too much complicated preparation and time and the perpetrator will feel justified enough to desire to be present.

I can hope to be wrong and I do, but reason tells me that the outcome won't be happy. It can be hoped that such a person will be caught or otherwise short-circuited but that's a lot of wishing going on. The deliberate lies, hate speech, and fear mongering are going to have a result beyond the political inconvenience of some Democratic members of Congress. The really scary question is whether that is by design with some. Keep in mind that regardless of whether or how much blood is spilled these assholes will get re-elected, get their media salary, or get their corporate masters' wage without recrimination or consequences ... that'll be reserved for their accomplice and his victim.

I am scarcely the only one who sees this on any side of this debate and that should inform you as to their ethics and morality and the cost they're willing to make someone else pay. I don't have a broad enough range of expletives to tell you what I really think about these ... people.


asiangrrlMN said...

I am with you on this one, Chuck. I foresee an escalation of violence with generous prodding from cynical corporate entities on the right.

I am sad, tired, and dispirited by the level of 'discourse' in our society these days. I am at a loss as to what to do.

Chuck Butcher said...

I have those moments when I just don't know - then I'm ok.

You'd think the way these idjits are carrying on that single payer is what is on the table rather than the weak tea BS that's out there.

Phil said...

It's ironic that the very people who are screaming "Nazi" the loudest are the same people whose actions are most likely to turn America into a Nazi State.

Chuck Butcher said...

I avoid Nazi and Hitler and such with dilligence since there was only one Hitler and the Nazis, well, the real thing is damn scary.

The term fascist is fairly narrowly defined and there are elements of that present.