Friday, August 07, 2009

Sixty Votes

Did you vote for a Democratic Senatorial candidate who won? Did you think you'd accomplished something? When Al Franken was finally certified did you think it meant something? Well, all of that stuff added up to a Senate with 60 (D) members. And so?

If you're a Democrat or paid attention to Democratic politics you'd know that monolithic is as far from descriptive of Democrats as it gets. There is damned little that you could get those 60 to agree on. I don't know who thinks meaningful health care reform is going to get all 60 of those votes. I don't like the idea of an ideological litmus test for Democrats for the simple reason that very seldom does someone choose such a label without a pretty fair amount of congruence with the Party, lacking in some areas but darned important in others.

Senators Nelson and Baucus and some others might have ideological points I don't and that's not such a bad thing. What really sucks and I find offensive is their playing HealthInc's points while taking great whacking piles of their cash. If they propose to take the side of HealthInc mega-corps and investment banks over the general citizen's welfare then I cannot see Democratic congruence, all I see is mis-labeled Republicans. That the GOP has become the CPoR doesn't excuse a (D) from turning into a complete plutocratic tool.

So far what I see within the packages is a mechanism to enrich HealthInc. I will be clear, HealthInc bankrupting me by presenting alternatives I could not afford in the past makes it a damn sure bet that I will not send them one single dime of mine, mandates or not. It's not gonna happen. I might buy into a government plan, but if it is in any way connected to those rapists I'll consider it the same as them.

If Rahm doesn't like Democrats kicking Democrats he might want to think about something a bit past the existance of a (D) when it is entirely meaningless.

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