Monday, September 01, 2008

Heck Of A Job, Brownie

Since it looks like the Republican Convention won't be forced to have George II inflicted on them, courtesy of Gustav, nor apparently the Dick, and not even McPOW...I guess they'll have a heck of a good time. The coppers are cleaning up the town of riff-raff (profanity warning) so there'll be no shenanigans. They may have a telethon to get money for the disaster - to make up for all the attempts McPOW voted against. You suppose the Media will mention that little detail as he photo-ops the unfolding disaster? While McCain with no authority gets in the way looking important Rick Davis slams Obama for playing politics while Gustav looms by criticizing McCain/Palin today. It is pretty pathetic.

When a Democrat has the temerity to note with black humor that the Democrats had fine weather despite Republican prayers and the Republicans get Gustav the Republicans blow a gasket. While I am sincerely distressed that the area may get slammed once again, it is also a fine reminder of the Republican idea of governing and its outcomes. George II says he's going to stay out of the way, just be near by. I'm pretty sure phone calls get to St Paul just as fast as they do to Texas, but looking like he's doing something versus actually having done something - like take care of the mess over the last 3 years is important - politically.

If it were the Republican Party getting smashed by Gustav, I'm not sure I would shed tears; but as it is the innocent will once again suffer while those responsible will profit. You know the media won't dare ask any embarrassing questions or point out uncomfortable truths while there's a big blow going on. Probably not after, either.

There will be those who sympathize with the Republicans for having their party stomped on by Gustav, certainly the protesters will be disappointed. I think this is probably the very best thing that could happen for the GOP. This way the prominent no-shows won't matter, the Bush/Cheney embarrassment is avoided, and their show and candidate don't have to compete with the Democrats. C'mon, that a win. McCain can phone in and not look like the horrid speaker he is and their vacuous ideas won't get wall to wall media exposure. How unfortunate...

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