Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain's Debate Version Of History

Eisenhower would resign if Normandy failed - oddly enough, right out of the bucket McCain re-writes history, never happened. I don't mind differences regarding ideology, that's what an election is supposed to be about, but remaking history is a bit different.

Since I don't have a transcript don't expect all this in temporal order, you get it as it stands strongest in my memory. I did find it interesting that McPOW is going to re-fight Vietnam in Iraq and win this war. Bringing up Vietnam in regard to Iraq is a rather stupid idea, compare one unpopular war with another unpopular war and winning one. I'm not interested in trying to win Vietnam again.

Somehow John McCain is not a Republican, has never been a Republican, was always a populist and had no involvement with the mess that we're in. Twenty six years of being a Republican in Congress evaporated into the ether. Cripes.

McCain has fought against the corruption of influence in Washington DC his entire career - well nobody brought up the name of Chuck Keating did they? Ah, malleable history.

Apparently the Iraq war started in 2007 with the Surge, all that stuff about an easy victory and greeted as liberators and we know exactly where WMDs are stored never occurred. The existence of memories are horrid for some candidates.

I'm still trying to figure out when and in what alternate universe "trickle down economics" ever happened to work. There is exactly no evidence of such a thing in our reality, despite McCain's version.

Earmarks are evil, always have been, and $18 billion in a year certainly will make a real difference in our national budget, if the universe runs backwards and the sun rises in the west. Oh cripes, there is junk in earmarks, no kidding, and there is valuable stuff there and...

$18 billion in earmarks that don't happen will pay for $700 billion in Wall Street bailouts. A funny POW sort of math there.

Pakistan may be a failing state today, but previous to Musaref's coup it was a democratic government with nuclear weapons, an odd sort of failure.

While it doesn't re-write history, it's old news that McPOW was a POW, naturally we get to hear about that again which has obvious relevance to the economy and foreign policy.

Now Senator Obama I will admit that I am not a boxer, I am a street fighter and I am not interested in counter punching. If my opponent has a cut (Chuck Keating) I'm going to work on it until it's a bleeding mess. If my opponent wants to bring out a knife (lying), I'll bring out a hand cannon. Now, you're a gentleman and I really hope what you're doing is going to work out for you. I do know I liked your presence better than the cranky old man.

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jsg said...

Trickle down works. For the people emitting the trickle. No one else counts when one lives in a wonderful world where everyone has more houses than they can count.