Monday, September 29, 2008

Nancy 'Borgia' Pelosi Poisons Republicans

Rep. Boehner, one of the nastiest players of partisanship and lying attacks and rude language, accused Nancy Pelosi saying she "poisoned our conference." She poured the caustic poison of a slight pass at the truth about Republicans into their poor abused ears. Ah, Macbeth, your shade passes our dusk obscured view. This entire idea is infuriating to Americans; getting here and having to fix it just drives them to distraction and every one of the House votes will be measured against them this year. The Senate may have the luxury of having only 1/3 of its membership up for election, the House has 100% running. Bush lapdog Greg Walden (R - 02 OR) voted for the bail out since he does what he's told to do. Somehow direction had palliative effects on the damage incurred from such a Borgian attack.

Now, since the Republicans don't like this mess and want to play a disguised socialistic solution game, the Democrats should go ahead and pass a Democratic Bill. Seize the failing institutions, cut management and ownership off at the knees - including seizing any assets from the last dozen years - and recompense shareholders with any recovery that occurs and profits beyond ordinary interest paid to the government. If the taxpayer is expected to buy Wall Street then they should by god get the good stuff with the damn garbage and the confounded greed heads should walk away empty handed if not headed for a Federal institution. There, damn it, you could play with that and make it work better for America than those bare bones do, but you'd stick the Republicans' heads on a pike where they belong instead of trying to assuage them. I don't give a good god damn about them other than sinking any of their boats I can find.

Why pay attention to any of them? Apparently nobody speaks for them, certainly not their leadership. Somebody led the revolt, but there seems to be no coherence in the opposition, some are blaming Pelosi, some Bush, all of them Democrats. McCain said he'd fixed the vote, BushCo said they'd fixed the vote, Boehner said he'd fixed the vote. What McCain says is this isn't the time to "fix the blame," exactly seconds after he tried to fix the blame - on Democrats. Democrats who hate bailing out the beneficiaries of their opponent's policies.

"Out, out damned spot," cried Lady Macbeth. There is a damned spot on American politics and its name is Republican. These rat bastards want more of what crashed the system, they have the nerve to hold the economy hostage to more of their failed policies. They whine and cry that someone was mean when what they meant to do all along was tank something shoved down Democrats throats. If you've got an (R) after your name you should run head down in hang dog shame - these are YOUR people. You elected them, you support them, and you show every sign of reelecting them. You are an ass. I suggest you perform an anatomically impossible act on yourself.

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KISS said...

I was thinking along the lines of Hamlet with Darlene Hooley[ glad she's out in January] joining Walden in incestuous voting for this crummy bill. Best quote I find is from Dimmo from Indiana..Bless him. "We are now in the golden age of thieves. And where I come from we put thieves in jail, we don't bail them out." — Rep. Pete Visclosky, Democrat."
Yup, I agree whole-heartedly. Poor Barney, the reason the dimmos seem to fail, a repug in dimmo clothes. Reminds me of ol' Joe Lieberman.