Sunday, September 28, 2008

Republican Implosion

Bill Mahr's Real Time is certainly a left oriented show with a left oriented audience but he generally puts a Republican/conservative on his panel who can rub two thoughts together and come up with something other than a donut. Tonight it is Lisa Schiffren and her first problem is that she can't find two ideas to rub together. She started off with what I'll paraphrase, "Republicans run on ideas and rationality rather than the feelings Democrats do." The audience groaned. I rolled my eyes, choked, gurgled, and shuddered. The Republicans have not run on anything other than emotions for decades. Fear and loathing is not rational nor an idea. Religious fervor is not rational not intellectual.

OK, granted they've run the economic bus into the ditch....and set the sumbich on fire and they've got Palin jibbering as VP, and cripes John keeps having senior moments on foreign policy but surely there was someone more competent for this gig. Or maybe not, Rick Santorum is probably out researching some unspeakable activity and The Newt can't be trusted to not come out and advocate a suspension of the First Amendment and apparently everybody else is either trying to write something containing plausible lies for McPOW or cramming Sarah Palin for the VP show. (I know there's something about debate in the title - but really now) It is really hard being a Republican these days - somehow you have to justify the socialization of Wall Street and in the same breath sneer "socialized medicine" add figure a way to be a reformer critic of the system you engineered. The real trick is to make that (R) disappear.

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