Friday, September 19, 2008

Senator Sarah Bush Palin

So according to AP the Palin Administration and family and McPOW are going to Bush the Monegan/Trooper investigation. Between law suits and ignored subpoenas and general national political interference the thing seems to be going nowhere fast. "Alaska Senate President Lyda Green, a Republican, said she does not believe the investigation will collapse or be delayed by "outside interlopers" trying to protect Palin." Boy, I don't know who she's listening to.

Now I don't think the explanations I've heard from Palin/McPOW make a bunch of sense, they've shifted all over the place ending up with her firing him for seeking Federal funds for fighting sexual assault - in the State with the worst problem. Um.

Now I may think using governmental office for personal vendettas is really major nastiness and seriously against any kind of political ethics, but this stupidity blows the thing past spinning it. Yes, spinning it. People like me are not going to vote for Palin/McPOW (her phrasing). People like me loath George II for his actions in this arena, and generally don't like his enablers - McPOW. That isn't the audience that could be spun, but there is one and that one would buy into "I made a bad decision regarding a bad person and I'm sorry." The whole thing would come to a screaming halt, now it is going to drag on and on; getting messier and messier as time goes on.

Whether the investigation is dead or not, it isn't going to go away. What the Legislature doesn't find out the media will dig at. Media digging is messy, they don't really care if stuff splatters, the story (and ratings) are the key. The Republican dominated Alaska Legislature actually does care who gets splattered - some may hope it's Palin - but not most. What the Legislature does want is this crap or even its appearance stopped in its tracks. That doesn't mean the Crucifixion of Palin. Me, I'd rather the media takes care of it since they don't mind a cross and nails.

Besides, what happened to the Republican mantra that you have nothing to fear if you've done nothing wrong? Oh.


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