Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can I Break Your Heart In Iraq?

Fifteen year old Rania is just a girl in Iraq...wearing an explosive vest apparently put on her by her arranged marriage husband. An alert policeman intercepted her and removed the vest. She looks to her mother to rescue her, a woman who apparently played a key role in turning her into a human bomb. Her "cousins" brought the vest. She was given peach juice to drink, oddly it made her dizzy. She tells the interrogators, "I didn't want to explode, I didn't want to die."

McClatchy can tell you the rest of the story. It is like staring into an abyss of darkness, knowing that light is only a wish and cruel joke. George W Bush wanted to play with the soldier toys, never dreaming who it was he toyed with. The tribal passions and sectarian hatreds never seemed to be within his scope - there were many who could have warned him, would have, even did; but he would out do Daddy HW - this one time he would. Saddam's Iraq could be a cruel and dangerous place, but now there is this.

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KISS said...

Other than greed for oil, I believe Bush's religious fervor to topple Islam religion with christianity played a major factor in our war with Iraq. Someday this may be referred to as the " Modern Crusade" of Bush Jr.