Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chinese Poison Infants, With Baby Formula

Lead painted toys, contaminated pet food, general junk - to be sure not happy making Chinese purchases, but now...well - McClatchy has a report about baby formula contaminated with melamine, the same stuff that poisoned pet foods. Contaminated for the same reason, to boost the apparent quality of the food. Two babies in Gansu Province have died and somewhere around 10,000 infants have been fed the junk which causes kidney failure with 1250 ill.

Brought to you by the same bunch that hosted the Olympics and the issues surrounding them. Image means more than fact, witness the lip syncing because the singer wasn't pretty enough. The milk wasn't quite there so...melamine. If you haven't quite gotten the connection to image being all,

The figures marked a sharp rise from previous days, and consumer anger appeared to be mounting over apparent signs that the Sanlu Group knew of consumer complaints as long ago as March (when were those Olympics, anyhow?) that some babies were admitted to hospitals with kidney stones, a rare ailment among infants.

You may rest easier knowing that, "None of Sanlu's infant formula is believed to have been exported to North America." Since they're our pals they surely wouldn't hide it.

I really don't care that a country makes cheap junk, don't buy it. I care a bit more when entire product lines are only available from people who make junk. I really care when it involves poisoning people who have no reason to know or suspect that their purchase is Chinese. Apparently the Chinese, even with more people than they know what to do with, are upset that babies are getting poisoned by Chinese manufacturers. That's one of the problems with dictatorships with only a passing acquaintance with the rule of law, the law only counts for those poor or caught big time - embarrassing the dictators.

But, hey, the plutocrats of this nation have seen to it that jobs and manufacturing have gone there so bigger profits could be made and what you get...is poisoned. The Republicans have fought country of origin labeling for foods and animals for years, guess why? They give a rat's ass if you or your kid or your pet get poisoned, they please their plutocratic masters. Sometimes I get to thinking that this country deserves everything that is happening to it, we keep electing the bastards, but then I remember that a whole bunch of us try to it differently. I wonder if people reading the history of the first decade of the 2000s will shake their heads in awe that anybody could be that stupid. (then they'll go ahead and try some of it all over again)

So, when the Republicans tell you government is an impediment and regulation is the devil's workshop - maybe you could think about how well this shit has worked out in China. While you're in WalMart or other purveyor of this crap wondering if you'll get poisoned or hurt by this purchase, remember how they squeeze suppliers, react to union activity, crush local competition, and support the Republicans of BushCo that didn't think product safety was worth funding. Yep, that's exactly right, I'm lumping these cretins in with the ChiComs, including the feckless Bush/McCain.

Poisoned Chinese babies are an American political post? Yes, when the system that produces them is what the Republican Party uses as a model it is a political post. Do you really think there is some wall of separation between the pieces of this ideology of the plutocrats? Illegal immigration/illegal hiring, crushing of unions, outsourcing of jobs, military adventures of crony contractor profiteering, etc to the point of puking is just exactly what it is that doesn't separate BushCo/Republicanism from the Chinese Communist dictatorship. And it gets worse if you throw in torture, wire tapping, political repression, secrecy, and rule of man over law. Oh? And John McCain appears to be in a near tie with Obama? You have got to see the joke on us. If the Founders could get up out of their graves and look at this, as aristocratic as they were, they'd be jailed for trying to start another Revolution.


jdgliderpilot said...

Poisionus China.

I have stoped buying products that are made in made by or any product
that has some link to china.

It's my opion that we should boycott any and all products from China.

It's seems everyday there a new poisionus product from china, Todays poisionus product is a candy called White Rabbit creamy candy as reported ob Yahoo News.

Thank you


Jack Reylan said...

China has just started using biologically cloned humanoid drones in its factories and military to counter population aging from one child policy. This biocloning was started by Tong Dizhou in the early 1990s to produce star athletes but was later taken up by the PLA military. The clones are grown in the wombs of slave women from allied African dictators. and have been known to appear on American soil as illegal workers. Food and Drug Administration investigators say the Chinese spiked pet food with melamine so that they would appear in tests to have more value as protein products. They sell drywall which emit suflide fumes! Given their blatant disregard for American safey in products they sell, because they don't care if we stay alive after we enrich them, it is worrisome that these clones have not been adequately tested for potential disease transmission. Why aren't anti-American professors who were hawking phoney Japanese "quality" complaining about their fellow reds in China? China has always believed in war by stealth, in avoid open conflict, stabbing you in the back while full of smiles.