Monday, September 01, 2008

Bill Bennet Is An Idiot, Palin Is Ignorant

Failed moralist Bill Bennet wanted to get ahead of the Palin daughter pregnancy on CNN, "things happen in life." No Bill, even an idjit like you ought to be able to figure out pregnancy doesn't just happen. There is a pretty reliable way to get pregnant and it doesn't involve lightning strikes while crossing a deserted street.

I don't give a rat's ass if the girl is easy or whatever or not or anything to do with her. What I do care about is the concrete demonstration of the effectiveness of Abstinence Only as the Governor's stance. The abstinence policy is a failure, demonstrated so. Whatever familial failings or successes Palin has are only her business to deal with, obviously it is too late to make Abstinence Only work in this case.

Now there is something of a disconnect going on here, the Republican VP candidate makes an issue of the Theocratic Republican Family Values and we're not to look at the personal fallout? Somebodies do have to deal with the fallout of the failure of public policy. Why exactly is the candidate exempt? Only plain John and Jane Doe are up for discussion when a national policy fails? I have exactly no intention of playing at the daughter's moral standing, it isn't an issue. Momma's policies and their fallout are the issue and a pregnant teenage unmarried high school daughter is fallout.

The woman wants to teach ignorance - creationism, abstinence, Christian nationhood, the superstitious jingoistic theocratic junk of the Republican Theocrats and that is an issue. The Republican VP candidate thinks the Pledge, with "under God", was good enough for the Founders. The Pledge was written a century after the Constitution and the "under God" added in 19damn54. This kind of stupid ignorance in a VP candidate could only pass muster in the Theocon Republican Party. You are (and should be) free to have whatever religious belief you choose, that doesn't allow you to re-make history in whatever mold pleases you. Invoking the Founders in support of your religion is more ignorance of history or propagandist rewriting of it, this would be why the Constitution prohibits a religious test. It doesn't take a history major to know this stuff and the Pledge and Christian Nation have been subjects of sufficient dispute that anyone who cares an iota about it has had ready access to facts. Apparently facts don't count to Palin.

If you think this End Times Millennial Christianity thing Palin is involved in is mainstream or historical Christian belief you need to give Hart Williams a visit and he'll lay it out clearly, if not real politely, for you. You might find certain mindsets not real favorable in a world leader - as I remember the Islamist view of Iran's government puts some people on edge. Am I raising the spector of an American Talibanism? You betcha.

These people really suck, not kinda, lots and lots.

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