Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fundamentally Sound

For quite some time George II has been telling Americans that the fundamentals of the economy are sound, we can have confidence, we're turning the corner. This is the Executive Branch of the government that has been saying this - people who are suppose to have the real information. They have sat on their hands and expressed platitudes. The government had to know that there was not sufficient capital in the market to cover AIG, they have the damn numbers, after all.

To undercut some of McPOW's claims to being McMavericky, it only takes a few re-reuns of previous campaign statements where "fundamentals are strong" get repeated. It's McGeorge's line, spoken from the aerial heights of the White House. It is the only line President Cronyism and Liaise Faire Capitalism could use. How's that Legacy looking now, George?

There are a bunch of people that I'd like to see have their "goods" in a legal wringer, necks in a noose, and I'm not going to get it. I can't fault the government for taking AIG, it was not optional. I'd like to see something done to the crooks and their enablers, but I'll have to be satisfied with an election turning out the bums.

The fundamentals of the economy stink and they have stunk for nearly seven years. This is the result of the goddam trickle down nonsense. Every fundamental has stunk except productivity and that is due to the people who've gotten nothing from BushCo/McPOW. The boasted economic growth was a chimera, a construct of construction and paper games. The economy lost $1 Trillion over two days, that only can happen to illusionary economics. The stock market has been a shell game for quite some time now, stocks are an actual thing with an actual foundation, the assets, liabilities, and sales/profit of a company - that is what they are. They've become, in the popular mind and propaganda, something else, something magical. Really, a magical profit machine, put your money in and it explodes, because...well because we say it does. The last time stocks were this widely held and had this much upward pressure was...right before the '29 Crash. They were magical then, as well.

Somewhere, probably a dark musty place, there are books. Their LoC classification is History/US. These books have interesting things in them, like things that have happened before in the US. Things like Chicago, Robber Barons, Grant Presidency, TeaPot Dome, Great Depression, oh yeah, American Revolution and the Constitution and gee, lots of things. Nobody reads this stuff anymore and didn't pay any attention in High School. When it comes to people and their behaviors there isn't really much new under the sun. There are a lot of myths around and they get real play, but real History is there for the reading. It is informative, it can save you a lot of grief, and if you have a library card it is even free.

OK, don't McCain

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