Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pigs and Lipstick and Pitbulls and Other Craziness

John McCain, when you got nothing you insult pigs by calling them Palins, I like pigs - they're smart, ordinarily clean, taste real good cooked right, and they don't lie.

By the way, idjits, what would you call a female pitbull wearing lipstick? Not my label, but the first thing that occurs to me is a crazy bitch. What would you call a lying, halftruthing, character assassinating old man running for President? POW. (Republican is way too generic)

I may be a political junkie and pay real close attention and not get side tracked by stupidity; but really John, the American public deserves better - if service is more than campaign slogan for you. I have generally assumed that whatever Party or ideology and however mistaken most politicians are in the arena out of a desire to serve their country - and fellow citizens. Whatever it is that your campaign has descended into in search of win at all costs, it is not service. For Pete's sake, why lie about earmarks? They amount to real money at $13 Billion, but a drop in the Federal bucket and lying about them is not worthy of a Presidential campaign. Why lie about an Illinois Bill aimed at protecting small children from sexual predators? Are you in favor of child predators? We already know you're in favor of gorilla rape and insulting Presidential teenage daughters, but b.y all means drag out sexism to cover your stinking dead fish policies. But we know, Naval POWs are a raunchy bunch and they're allowed, because...well because...POW.

John, I work like a dog, scrambling daily to find work to keep the show going and right now construction ain't exactly thriving. I give my customers good prices for good work and I produce a concrete product. You can touch it, feel it, see it, frequently live in it or under it. If I ran my business the way you've run this campaign - I'd be run out of town on a rail or in court. You want to be President and in my business you could be in jail? What the hell is wrong with you? The Navy may have deemed you to be an officer and a gentleman, but fact and Naval fictions are in conflict here. Supposedly that Commission included an assumption of honorable behavior - you've claimed it in regard to your POW - it's fiction today. You've followed your Rovian instincts into a hole.

This campaign will exist for a long time, print and video archives will be available for any student to peruse - to find out what the Republican Presidential candidate of 2008 was like. Your own words and your hired help's words will be there. They will lay in wait to expose you and the pit the Republican Party has turned into. I don't mind hard hitting policy arguments, but I loathe lies and character assassinations. I loathe the practitioners of them - that means you and the Sarah, John. The fact that you want to repeat George W Bush's policies is enough reason to oppose you, but when you take your boot licking to the extent of practicing his politics I take exception. You, sir, are a dishonored lying sack of unmitigated shit - deserving the scorn of all those with honor and intelligence.

You live in politics today on a possibly earned reputation from 2000 and POW, whatever that may have been it is not reflective of today's John S McCain. The depths of my disdain for you and George W Bush are not possible to plumb with anything like polite language and I respect my readers too much to indulge myself. You have demonstrated that the man who beat you in 2000 taught you all the wrong lessons and you learned them well. Too bad.

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Phil said...

On land, McCain's contemporaries call him a maverick. Aboard ship, his contemporaries call him a loose cannon. You see? Context is everything.