Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey, Did Ya Hear...?

Did ya hear - John McCain was a POW?
Did ya hear - Sarah Palin just had a baby?
Did ya hear - Pregnant unwed high schoolers are now GOP media fodder?
Did ya hear - MSM is liberal elite?
Did ya hear - Sarah didn't really like that icky ole bridge?
Did ya hear - DC is infested with liberals?
Did ya hear - PTA is now Presidential Training Association?
Did ya hear any of it? Did ya believe? No? Why don't you put Country First?

Didn't you hear - Children are parade the babydaddy with preggers for the cameras...'cause we has values...

POW, PTA,TAXES, POW, PTA, TAXES...effete liberal snobs cut and run and tax and see preggers, and...and...and - POW

I think I may be ill...The Party that has run the show for almost 8 years is all about change, now they're gonna do all the things they never were gonna do anyhow - or some damn thing just like GeorgeII.

This junk should be a 4th tier sideshow political party fest and yet they have a somewhat credible chance of winning. No kidding, really - this mess could actually win the Presidency. If that doesn't tell you something about the State of the Union, nothing does. They're running on "We're not him." because they don't dare say "We're George Walker Bush." Let's run out the cultural wars and terror - again. By rights, Dennis Kucinich, on a bad day, should be able to kick these people's asses...but that would be assuming a level of sanity sorely lacking.

"Change and Reform" with this crowd is like "New and Improved" being printed on the box is what is new and improved. POW, POW,

Palin 'Bushed' Wasilla from surplus to $20M in the hole - with a pot full of Fed earmarks she 'Bushed' it. Earmarks are evil, earmarks are evil, TAXES...hey now - POW. Since we're too incompetent to govern, but you keep electing us, government is the problem here. You've got to grant these people this much - they've got some nerve.......

brains may be questionable.

After listening to Mittens and Huckleberry I went back to work - it seemed more productive and way more fun...even at 12 hours of dirt and strain and aggravation. Now I'm too tired to sleep. I don't suppose it would be fair to blame the GOP for that.


Bpaul said...

I did the whole "12 hours and now I can't sleep thing" the night before... it must be catching, and headed West.

ps: you see that is going down? We need to find a new blog aggregator sir.

Bpaul said...

East, I meant East.

See, I'm still tired from it.

Chuck Butcher said...

OR Blogs bums me.