Sunday, August 31, 2008

Republicans Don't Understand What Corruption Is

After almost 8 years of corrupt behavior at the top of the government by Republicans you'd think the Party would begin to understand what defines it. But noooooo. 8 years of cronyism no-bid contracts, religious/political tested hirings and firings, political destruction of a CIA operative, fictitious war intelligence, un-Civil Rights DOJ actions, illegal destruction of the 4th Amendment, etc ad nauseum and they don't get it exactly this much - Sarah Palin.

No, this isn't ideology, it is about the use of a high public office to interfere in a personal/familial relationship. It is about firing the head of Public Safety in Alaska for not firing Palin's ex-brother in law for allegations in a custodial suit. Palin, as Governor of Alaska fired a public official for personal reasons, she used her office for personal ends to the possible deficit of her citizenry - a law suit. This isn't a left wing joke, it is really serious business, it is exactly as corrupt as government gets.

I don't care if the allegations against her sister's ex-husband are true or not, there is a process for determining that and it must be followed. She broke that rule for her reasons. She stinks to high heaven as a VP candidate. My bet is that the bipartisan committee in the Alaskan legislature is going to find against her and that will cause deserved heart burn for the McCain campaign. POW or otherwise this is inexcusable, a demonstration that the rule of law is suspended if you are Republican.

Possibly you haven't understood why I am so dead set against John McCain and why I keep bringing up Chuck Keating - the man is corrupt to his core. He believes in it, this Palin story didn't just break. Considering the norm of corruption in Alaska it was scarcely a national story until he took that Alaskan corruption into the national scene. He calls Palin a reformer, this reform would just barely pass as sufficient governance in most of the other 49 states. As an Oregonian I am offended that he makes a case that this is bringing reform anywhere other than Alaska, in this state her idea of reform would result in the bunch being run out of town on a rail. Ted Stevens was her pal until he was indicted, well actually, per her website, until McCain announced her. Ted Steven was known crooked long before she was elected Governor and she liked him fine until...the FBI raided his offices and home last year, well before she disowned him - and his Bridge. She'll fit in fine with the McCain, Gramm, Black, Scheunemann, Rove bunch, Americans not so well - I hope.


KISS said...

And than there is good ol' Joe Biden, the shill of the Delaware financial empire. The champion of bankruptcy reform that does the credit card industry good at the expense of the users. And his son, speaking of familial, a finance lobbyist. And what of Rep dimmo Jefferson from Louisiana? Of the Keating 5, 4 were good loyal dimmos.
Tunnel vision doesn't cut it.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Sure, republicans know what corruption is.

It's when a Democrat gets a parking ticket.