Monday, September 01, 2008

You've Been Warned, Old POW - Hockeymom

For months now you've been warned, "I'm and old geezer POW and if you notice I'll call you insensitive personality assassins." Now Laura Bush is into the act.

First lady Laura Bush said today that sexism aimed at Sarah Palin was a very real prospect and suggested Democrats watch what they say about the Alaska governor and John McCain's ticketmate.

“The other side will have to be particularly careful," Bush said in an interview on Fox News from St. Paul, "because that’s something we all looked at."

Questioned about whether Palin may face sexism from the media in the way Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters claim she did, Bush said: "I think that's a possibility."

Now you know. Anything either of these two say or do is off-limits, you may not get away with calling them Republicans. It is one of the funniest things in the world to watch the Party of anti-feminism claiming to be the watch-dog of sexism. No equal pay, cheat on wives without cost, legislate a woman's body Republicans? This is the same Party that came unglued about women in the Armed Forces...anybody remember that? One of their stalwarts, a woman, ranted to Congress about forced lesbianism if gays were allowed to openly serve. In case it escapes anyone's notice - a lesbian would be female.

When Joe Biden says Palin is better looking than he is, it is immediately jumped on as sexism. The woman was a Beauty's that for objectifying a woman and an appeal as an attractive female? Now I'm sorry to point out to you Republican keepers of the flame - it wasn't a contest of debate skills or a historical quiz or anything of moment, strictly her looks. Republican Shill Rush talks about the VP "hottie," and that's something else?

Laura Bush -there's an assertive powerful woman who has made major impacts with her proximity to power.../snark. The story is laid out for you, say something negative about these two and you've crossed over the invisible political correctness threashold. I've got a lot to say about these two, neither represents the values I am committed to and I certainly don't see their Second Amendment stances as meaningful in that regard. Somehow they seem to hope their corrupt behaviors won't resonate with the people of the US. Somehow they seem to hope that their embrace of GW BushCo won't be noticed by unhappy voters.

If the media does anything resembling its job they'll strip the bark off McCain/Palin. It is truly an easy thing to do, as McCain postures in the Gulf all it takes is for a reporter to ask why he voted against 3 (or was it 4?) Katrina aid proposals in the Senate? Actually, all it takes is for reporters to ask questions about his record in opposition to his rhetoric. McPOW is not Call Sign Maverick, he is BushCo to the bone. As for Palin, her Governor record is starting to have a resemblence to Cheney's VP - this trooper interference is serious business if it gets accurately reported. I watched Wolff Blitzer make a hash of it on CNN and even his Alaskan correspondent only got it partially correct. There is plenty of rot out who is scared of Laura Bush?

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