Monday, March 17, 2008

Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?

Peter Daou is Hillary Clinton's internet director. When does the unity part start?

I'm writing this to a group of bloggers. Some of you are Hillary supporters, some not, some neutral.

I want to address a pervasive misconception, namely, that Senator Obama hasn't run a negative campaign against Hillary. I think it's time to put that misconception to rest.

The truth is that for months, the Obama campaign has been attacking Hillary, impugning her character and calling into question her lifetime of public service. And now the Chicago Tribune reports that Senator Obama is preparing a "full assault" on her "over ethics and transparency." To those who contend that Senator Obama is the clear frontrunner, I ask, to what end this "full assault" on Hillary?

Since I'm in no way connected to the Obama campaign, including no dollars contributions and this was sent unsolicited to me, I'll post a short answer

Politics can get pretty darn rough at times and the Clinton camp sure knows it. This guy makes reference to the Power statement this way:

And one of Senator Obama's top advisers (who has since left the campaign) recently called Hillary "a monster."

Yep, she since left the campaign - the next day, which could be contrasted to the 10 days it took for Ferraro's statement to sink in with camp Clinton... Nobody at Obama's place brought up Ken Starr, that piece of stupidity occurred right there at home. Since they wanted to bring that particular mess up, how about that Hillary, what about the stuff that set Starr off in the first place? No, Hillary, not the junk Republican smears, the actual real stuff? I actually tried to sort through this thing, what I got is 'being the victim in the 90's served me pretty well, let's go again.' I do kind of resent being treated like a rube. That also isn't real new. Funny thing, I said that stuff, Camp Obama never has, and they sure could.

I've got news for you, you were never inevitable except in your own mind and some lazy journalists' and you don't have a teflon coating - your stuff is going to stick to you. Whine at somebody else. Better yet, knock off the BS and folks won't have it to hit you with. I tried to leave you alone, but you just can't manage to stay out of the stuff that will put you right back into my pages. Too bad for you.

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